Police Chief Fired After Bragging About Shooting Black Man 119 Times – FOP Masonic Racism Humiliation Ritual

This stupid story reminds me of the extremely fake and silly Jayland Walker story, the black man who supposedly got fired at more than ‘90’ times and got hit 60 times. That was an obvious scripted racist ritual. Alas, it’s all about the numbers and mocking the intelligence of the sleeping masses.

Police pistols are allowed to have magazines of at most 10 rounds and rifles only 5 rounds. Semi-Automatic Weapons used by ‘authorities’ are allowed 10 to 15 rounds in some states. In other only 5 rounds, unless Special Forces or Military.

So, first we had a story of more than ‘90’ rounds fired. How many magazines and reloads are that? Do you seriously believe that a couple of police officers went trough more than ten magazines of rounds against one person? Do they even have that many magazines between each other?

And that brings us to this mocking humiliation ritual where a Police Chief was allegedly bragging on a “leaked” recording that he shot a black man 119 times – of course using the n-word. 119 as in 11th of September or 9/11, not to mention that you call 9-1-1 for the police. Such mockery. No single police officer even carries that many rounds, and even if he was sitting on a stock pile of ammunition, with reloading, firing that many rounds would take minutes. Yes, if he was bragging, he was exaggerating. However, if he ever had fired a gun, he would have used something simple and easy to say, like ’20 times,’ or ‘100 times’, not 119. So, yes. This story and the “leaked” recording were scripted from the start as part of a Freemasonic humiliation and racist ritual.

They love these racist stories as they divide people and fuel hatred. A divided population is easy to control and they do not come together to kick out their rulers and suppressors.

As for the 119, which is 911 backwards, it’s cleverly used in coded stories about the Freemasons within the police, aka., the Fraternal Order of Police, or ‘FOP.’

Fraternal Order of Police = 119 (Freemasons within the police)
Chain of Command = 119 (he was the police chief)
All Seeing Eye = 119 (symbolic for the secret societies and the Freemasons)

The ‘All-Seeing Eye’ comes from the Order of the Illuminati, the order that was created by the Jesuit-educated priest Adam Weishaupt and supported by 13 families, which later infiltrated Freemasonry and made it what it is today; the world’s largest secret society and ‘foot soldiers’ for the Jesuit Order and those who rule from the shadows.

And, as you can see on the FOP logotype, you have the all-seeing eye at the bottom left and the freemasonic handshake on the bottom right. It’s all in your face.

This recording was of course leaked on July 20, the 201st day of the year.

Order of Illuminati = 201
Ignatius of Loyola = 201 (the founder of the Jesuit Order)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201 (Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope)
The Jesuit Order = 201

On that recording, he also repeatedly mentions that he has killed 13 men while on duty. 13 as in the 13 families in the Order of Illuminati. You can also see this on the dollar where you have 13-layers of bricks, symbolic of the 13-families and of the knowledge of the sun in relation to the 12-constellations.

The police chief who was fired was ‘Sam Dobbins’ and the colleague he spoke with on the recording, who allegedly leaked the tape, was ‘Robert Lee Hooker,’ a name very similar to famous black blues singer ‘John Lee Hooker’, oh the mocking!

Sam Dobbins = 172
Robert Lee Hooker = 172
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172 (Jesuit motto)

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam is a perfect match with these names used in this story and it means ‘for the greater glory of god,’ and is known as the Jesuit’s motto.

Again, we have a over-the-top silly story that is based on a Freemasonic ritual and used to fuel division and hatred (Divide and Conquer,) just as all the fake and staged shootings. They just love to spoon-feed the sleeping masses with nonsense like this and to keep racism alive and relevant – when we the people, no matter color or belief, should instead come together and kick all these parasites out of their offices.

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