Jobless Benefit Claims Allegedly Matched 1968 Low

“Initial claims for jobless benefits fell to 166,000 in the week ended April 2, adjusted for seasonal swings, the Labor Department reported Thursday. That was far fewer than the 200,000 or so claims that economists had predicted. It also matches the number of first-time claims from the week ended March 19, which was the lowest level since November 1968, after revisions.”

After revisions? As in making everything up since they follow date-numerology and gematria-based rituals, and this was nothing else than a mock story?

And it continues…

“At the start of the pandemic, the department altered the way it calculated its seasonal adjustments, since the swings in the data were so massive that the old way of doing things only distorted the data further.”

In other words, this is a fabricated story of pure propaganda to tell the sleeping sheep that there is record low unemployment and everything is just fine. And it’s all connected to the staged and fake coronavirus pandemic.

The “chief economist” from ‘Action Economics’ mentioned in the article goes by ‘Mike Englund,’ which just happen to reduce to the infamous pandemic-hoax code of ’56.

Mike Englund = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

And they compare the ‘jobless claims’ to that of 1968, the year they made up the silly coronavirus family of non-existing cold viruses! And 1968 was 54 years ago.

Job = 54
Jesuit Order = 54

And to mock us further, they claim this is due to new better calculation methods, and again, compared to 1968, as in ‘68.

Mathematics = 68 (as in calculating numbers)
Action Economics = 68 (the economy company mentioned in the article)
Coronavirus Pandemic = 68 (what the calculations been adjusted for)

This nonsense was published on April 7. And keep in mind that on this day, April 7, in 1968, the Jesuit and cabal think tank known as ‘Club of Rome’ was established.
April 7 = 4/7 = 47

Club of Rome = 47
Vatican = 47
Authority = 47

Club of Rome = 52, 52
Mike Englund = 52, 52 (the “chief economist”)

And April 7, can also be written as 7/4, as in 74, the reflection of 47.

Covid-19 Pandemic = 74, 74 (what the calculations been adjusted for)

Again, more scripted news and fabricated numbers for the sleeping masses.

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