A Quick Update on Life – Cleaning/Repairing Cycle Engaged

My last update was at the end of my 117-hours fast in early August. As the temperature dropped, I’ve been sleeping a bit better. However, the last week has been very cloudy, dark and extremely rainy. This dramatic change in weather (and drop in morning temperature from about previously 18C to 8C), triggered my biological cleaning process. So, at the end of last week I did not sleep very well, my nose was a bit runny when going outside and coming inside, and also, my bowels weren’t perfect either. Last time that happened was at my previous cleaning cycle during autumn last year (two days). Otherwise, my digestion has been perfect every single day since adopting a pure animal-based diet in 2018 and fixing my indigestible morsel conflicts with German New Medicine. In other words, I knew something was up and that I was cleaning/detoxing. Luckily enough, I had no other symptoms, bad sleep (and of course lack of energy), less than perfect bowel movements, and a runny nose.

That’s the reason why my updates have been smaller and less frequent the last 3-4 days. And why the article on Diaphragmatic Hernia has been delayed by a week (it will be up soon).

Today however, my alarm clock, that usually wakes me up between a certain time depending on my sleep cycle, failed to start and I overslept. Usually, I wake up between 5:00 am and 5:45 am. Today I woke up at 7:15 am. Although I did wake up several times during the night, I got my best sleep since May, according to my Oura ring. I guess it was needed. Also, my resting heart rate is now down to about 45 beats per minute, close to my previous 42 to 45 bpm I had before the tumors and organ problems in late 2017. Keep, in mind that at my worst in 2017 and early 2018, my resting heart beat was between 85 and 95… And only a year ago, it was still in the 60’s… So, yeah, progress. Healing up good!

So, due to this biological cleaning cycle, I’ve been resting for 3 days from the gym. In other words, the attached picture is from early last week after doing a back and triceps workout. Just showing you that I’m not slacking off. Also, the muscle pump, the lightning and angle (mobile phone photo) makes the conditions for the photo a bit favorable. Still, I always look my best in the gym with a good muscle pump. I will be back at the gym tomorrow.

And to round it off, a few words about this website. So far, 203 articles are online. I still have at least 400 older articles to add, so there will be a lot of free information available. If you enjoy my work, please consider a donation through ‘buy me a coffee’.
My books will be up soon also, and some new stuff. Remember, I’m still recovering from the tumor that caused some brainstem and brain trauma. A year ago, I had trouble focusing and doing stuff for 2 hours. Now I can manage 3 to 5 hours a day. Still healing, still improving. And that’s why I’m very bad and slow at answering messages on Messenger. It’s just not time efficient nor prioritized.

Much love for all the support, and thanks for reading!

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