How to Remain Sane in an Insane World

A few thoughts thrown together on how to think and get through this crazy story we find ourselves in when being able to see through all the theatre. This is for the woke people out there – my brothers and sisters.

When you are surrounded with the kind of insanity that is going on in the world today, and you’re not part of that indoctrinated hive mind, you will need coping strategies and a clearheaded way to look at things. Whether you’re making a joke about it or just tune it out, one way or another we have to survive the onslaught of the absolute madness that is thrown at us daily.
No matter if your IQ is in the top 0.0072% or higher, if you spend several hours a day studying and putting pieces of the puzzle together, or if you simply are in tune with the world and can see it for what it actually is; the madness around us can get to the best of us at times – especially when you try to help and wake people up.

Keep in mind that we can’t control people’s reactions to every little thing. And we’re not going to reach everybody with science, data, logic or common sense either. We’re never going to get through to a lot of people. The brainwashing and the protective walls are just too great in some. They’re going to be triggered and leash out – reciprocate the same old lines they picked up from the ‘experts’ (actors) on tell-lie-vision. Their fragile egos can’t cope with the concept that most of what they know is wrong. That they have to unlearn everything and start learning all over again. It’s too much work, it’s too painful. Instead, they find comfort in their little bubble of fake media- and government-induced reality. And they don’t even notice that the bubble is shrinking by the day.

However, these NPCs (or non-player characters), still have a purpose. The world needs everybody – and you can take comfort in that every time you run into one of these zombies. The majority of people (around 70%) are simply indoctrinated by the educational system and the media. Some of them are pretty much like you and me, while others are more like the NPCs.
And yes, the world needs all kind of people. The ones that are lazy, that are slaves to the system and don’t feel like working as much as they should. Or people that are highly intelligent and excel at their craft – but still are trapped within the beast system, unaware of what is really going on. The world needs them all. Because without them, we would not exist either. So, the world actually needs every type of character in this story. Otherwise, it’s not reality anymore.

That is why people like us are okay with things like that, because we get the greater picture. And some of us might ask; why won’t they wake up? Why are these people swallowing the propaganda, and why are they doing that? And why are they still doing it when it’s bloody obvious it’s all a big lie? Even the intelligent ones are as blind as the rest of them. Because they are just playing a part in this big play. And it’s important to actually appreciate them and say, “Sure, you do that. Focus on your career and go and vote for one of the wings belonging to the same bird. And you over there, you go on and be lazy and live off others, and you Karen, wear that mask. You all do this because we need you to”. It is simply a part of the narrative of the grand illusion. And we also need everybody around in order to test us, because they are like a barometer. We need these complementary opposites to know whether we know ourselves. They will help us to stay on our path: helping us to figure out what is real for us, what is true for us, and help us to grow in directions that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to grow in. Because there are some things you just can’t learn or do without being tested and being uncomfortable.

And remember, we do not need to wake the sleeping sheep, the NPCs, we need to wake all the sleeping lions – those who can still reason, those who still have some common sense and sound values, those who can handle a little pain in exchange for building a better future. All they need is a little push to get out of their slumber.

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