November 18, 2020. Training update!

Yes, I was back at the gym today after a 4-days layoff due to my newly adopted Husky-mix girl. But since they are so well-behaved, I decided to get a chest and biceps workout done. And sure enough, they were quiet and resting when I left, and they were quiet and just as behaved when I got home. Good doggos.

Anyhow, I decided to do seated unilateral chest press and ramp the weight. My previous best was 3 strict reps with 105 kg (231 lbs.) per arm, or 210 kg total. Today I got 4 strict reps and one “half-assed” at 110 kg per arm – or 220 kg total. Take that, the old fart is still improving – even after some nights with almost zero sleep and days filled with “catabolic” dog walks.

My body weight is still about the same as last week, around 77 to 78 kg in the morning (171 lbs.). After that, I did a drop set where my brother removed some weights for each set. It went something like 210 kg x 6, 170 kg x 7, 130 kg x 7, 90 kg x 7, 70 kg x 8, 50 kg x 10. I followed up with some easy contract-focused cable flyes and then some seated leaning-back cable curls. All in drop-set fashion and with iso-metric contractions. Felt really good.

Doggo update will follow tonight. Now it’s time for, yeah, a walk…

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