The Enslavement Agenda: The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

While UN’s Agenda 21, based on lies and pseudo-science, was signed on April 12, 1992, by 6400 local governments in 113 countries, and later transformed into Agenda 2030, which slowly impacted the “climate strategy” and “sustainability” nonsense of whole countries, there are several other climate-hoax projects running parallel. One of those are the ‘C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,’ which was created in October 2005 by Mayor Ken Livingstone of London and Jewish mind-controlled political puppet and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg – both led by the efforts of former Jesuit-trained president Bill Clinton. Since then, Mayor Sadiq Khan (London) and Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr (Freetown, Sierra Leone) has also become key people.

While Agenda 2030 slowly brainwashes the population through disinformation sneaked into the educational system, political parties and movements, and the media — the C40 Cities directly targets large cities to ‘lead by example’ through implementing new laws and changes to your living standard. And again, it’s all based on made-up lies and pseudo-science, and the idea is to gradually condition the large masses by slow-paced changes to make smaller cities follow suit.

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group is a group of currently 96 of the largest cities around the world that represents one twelfth of the world’s population and one quarter of the global economy.
If you for some reason live in a big ‘megacity’ and has been wondering why it’s gone downhill for the last 5 to 10 years or so, this is the reason why. Among these 96 cities we have for example London, New York, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Montréal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Boston, New Orleans, Phoenix, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dubai, Dhaka, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland.

However, it does not stop there. The C40 group is also running a United Nations backed ‘global campaign’ known as “Cities Race to Zero,” where more than 1,100 smaller cities have joined to halve “global emissions” by 2030 and deliver a dangerous and retarded “zero-carbon world” by 2050.

As you should know, the carbon-card is a hoax. Carbon dioxide is vital to all life on Earth and is perfectly controlled and regulated by our atmosphere, as it stays within a narrow range, just like all the so-called “greenhouse gases” – as backed by real science. The real danger lies in trying to lower carbon dioxide, as that would kill a lot of plant life – which in turn would hurt us, as plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen through photosynthesis. Still, this carbon nonsense is part of the brainwashing, and many actually believe in it, as most people are extremely gullible and lack common sense.

While you still might only have noticed smaller changes where you live, such as increased costs for energy consumption and living space, increased travel expenses, steadily more expensive road tolls, closed inner-city roads, travel restrictions, more processed garbage foods and a push for extremely unhealthy plant-based garbage, and so on — there is much more to come and it will get a lot worse.

By simply taking a quick look at the homepage and the “knowledge base” of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, we can see what their goals are for 2030 and beyond – stretching all the way to WEF and UN’s Vision 2050. And unless you stop complying and start lynching the politicians of your city, this will soon be a reality. And if you can’t take the fight to them, I suggest you move as soon as possible.

The goals of the C40 Cities and Cities Race to Zero

As they hide behind the made-up “climate crisis” and buzz-words such as “sustainability,” which simple means ‘imprisonment,’ their main mission is that of cutting emissions in half by 2030 to help the world limit “global heating” to 1.5°C. Yes, the debunked “global warming” scam that they still try to cling on to, while we are actually entering a colder climate for a few years, as the climate is governed by the phases of the sun. That is how it’s always been. We have always had periods of a bit hotter and then a bit colder climate, back and forth, for as long as the Earth has existed. And that is actually backed by real science. But, hijacking this natural phenomenon and calling it “climate change” is a great way to make billions in taxes, but more importantly, controlling the population, keeping them imprisoned without them really realizing it – slowly tightening the grip around their necks until most people are trapped in “15-minute” cities where they own nothing and are too malnourished, weak, broken down, and brainwashed to realize it, and even less inclined to do anything about it.
By the next generation, people will have no concept of real freedom or how it is to actually be and feel like a human.

Here are a few of the strategies they are working on and will slowly implement:

Material efficiency: reduction in material both for construction and consumption. Living areas will be smaller, everything will be rented out, and you might have to share your apartment with others, or let others use it when you’re not at home. Clothing and textile items will be reduced. The target now is a maximum of 8 clothing items per person and year. By 2030, the target is only 3 new clothing items per person and year.

This might sound crazy, but once they fully implement a social-credit-score system that tracks everything you do and everything you purchase, you will be limited to what they allow and fined if you try to go over that threshold.
If you for example have to buy another pair of undies, you might have to make up for it by restricting something else, like your consumption of hot water or electricity, to get your ‘social-credit-score’ out of the red.

Dietary changes: humans are obligate hyper carnivores. We can only get bioavailable nutrition from animal-based foods, such as meat, eggs and dairy. Anything plant-based is both toxic and lack more than 18 essential nutrients, and will thus leave you malnourished, weakened, diseased, and mentally ill. The elites know this, and that is why their current goal is to limit meat consumption to 16 kg per person and year, while limiting dairy to 90kg per person and year. That is 307 grams of meat a week, when we need at least 300 grams a day! Now, the goal for 2030 is zero! Yes, they do not want you to consume any life-sustainable meat or dairy at all by 2030! Can you imagine how sickly, weak, and mentally ill people will be? How easily controlled they will be, and how dependent they will be on drugs to just keep them going until their organs fail and they die of any of the new ‘modern diseases’ the media is currently programming us with; like heart attacks, cancer, and blood clots that is now happening to just about anyone. Something that was unheard of only a few years ago. Yes, that is part of the current programming as people will only get sicker and die younger with this evil plant-based agenda. Anyone pushing for plant-based foods or veganism are anti-human and should be trialed as a war criminal.

Reduced Ownership: I’ve touched on this in many previous articles. And this is what Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum was infamous for. You know, “you will own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”
Here they began with automobiles, trying to re-introduce worthless electrical vehicles that are way worse in every imaginable way for the environment. However, they do not care about pollution, depleting resources, shipping crap and parts all around the world, or the environment. They only care about their invented climate hoax. While they want you to rent only what you need for your day-to-day living, their biggest goal is that of reducing the ownership of vehicles. As of now, they are striving for only 190 vehicles per 1,000 people. By 2030 the goal is zero! Yes, as a ‘mega citizen’ you will not be allowed to own a vehicle by 2030. You will have to rely on public transportation, and if you really need a vehicle for personal use, you will have to rent one from a vehicle pool in your neighborhood, which also means that everything you do will be tracked and unless you’re a good slave, you’ll not be allowed to rent or use any means of transportation (the social-credit-score.)

Flights and travel: while the ‘world leaders’ and ‘the elites’ take their private jets and helicopters wherever they go, the current goal is to restrict travel for the common slave-citizen to one flight of less than 1500 km every 2 years. By 2030, you will only be allowed one flight for a maximum of 1500 km every 3 years.

The reduced ownership and the travel bans go perfectly hand-in-hand with their vision of 15-minute cities. The concept where “everything you need” is within a distance of 15 minutes from where you live and work, and that you never should have a reason to leave that area, to leave that 15-minute radius prison.
Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, this is only scratching the surface, and I might come back to write more about this as I do not want the articles to be too long and wordy. With that said, I suggest that you take a few minutes and look through the C40 website, and especially their vile “knowledge base,” which is ridden with lies and pseudo-science – it’s the complete opposite of reality. Really inverted and satanic.
While some of us who grew up in a different reality can see through all this bullshit with ease, it will be much more difficult for our children and their children, as all this has been implemented as part of the educational system.
Heck, even many of our ‘older’ generation were somewhat indoctrinated by this ‘sustainability,’ ‘processed food,’ and ‘synthetic supplement’ garbage nonsense trough vile tv-shows such as Star Trek.

Most children of today and tomorrow will be conditioned into believing all these lies about “climate change,” “sustainability,” and non-human slave diets through their “education,” starting as early as pre-school, then by the media and through social media like YouTube and TikTok where government- and CIA-controlled agents pretends to be cool and hip ‘influencers,’ while simply planting the ideas of “right think” from the elite families and their think-tanks into the children’s minds. Be very aware of what your children watch on their phones and tablets.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of people are already extremely dumbed down through said education, the lacking and deadly plant-based diet, and our current lifestyle of stress, idolatry, politically correctness, snowflake mentality, and consumerism — and their children even more so. That means peer pressure for your children, and even if they can resist and you explain the reality for them every single day, it will still be a tough world to grow up in unless we start to fight back and wake people up.

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