Suspended from Fascistbook once again!

Yes, the dead entity called Facebook, once again showed it’s Jesuit blue colors and suspended my account. Anything to silence Free Speech and the UNDENIABLE TRUTH!

Facebook have suspended my account for 30 days after a post showing the ABSOLUTE TRUE FACT that no virus has ever been isolated or purified. This FACT is INDISPUTABLE! As can clearly be proven as not one single health or science institution of more than 116 all over the world have no record of isolation!

I have of course disagreed with the totalitarian fascist decision and also written their useless support, once again, with a Time Sensitive Document and with Estoppel Conditions. However, considering they have yet to answer my previous Time Sensitive Document, they seem to have no grasp of common natural law. Their “company” is just a big joke.

I’ll let you all know if they have balls enough to admit their mistake,

In the meantime, you can reach me at:

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