Facebook Meta in Mocking Ritual, All by The Numbers

In my post about the rebranding of the corporation Facebook to Meta, I explained that it was a Jewish ritual to honor the Rothschild created ‘World Jewish Congress.’
While we see ‘Meta’ as a hint to meta-information, the gathering of information and keywords, Hebrew speakers recently ‘mocked’ the rebranding as ‘Meta’ means ‘dead’ in Hebrew.  
As you should know, nothing goes ‘viral’ unless they let it. And nothing makes the headlines unless they are behind it themselves or it serves their agenda or rituals.
Yes, this “mocking” by Hebrew speakers was of course pre-planned and ‘Meta’ meaning ‘dead’ fits nicely with their Satanic Halloween ritual – something that a lot of braindead people participate in without even questioning it.
This ‘mocking’ trending on Twitter was started by accounts belonging to the Jesuit Order, and those following suit was made sure to “trend.” Everything is scripted, and ‘mocking’ and ‘humiliation’ rituals are very common within their secret societies.

To understand and see through this, all you need is some basic understanding of numerology and gematria.

This topic trended and made the headlines on October 30, the date Church of Satan turned exactly 666 months old, as it was founded on April 30, 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey.

Of course, being founded in ’66 connects it to ‘666’, the Number of the Beast, as that phrase is ‘66’ in Full Reduction Gematria. Also, keep in mind that the Prime Minister of Israel, ‘B. Netanyahu’ is ‘666’ in English Sumerian gematria and so is ‘internet’, and that he turned 72 years old just 9 days ago, 72 as in ‘Jesuit Order’ which is 72 in Reverse Full Reduction.

So, what more is ‘66’ in gematria?

Number of the Beast = 66
Mock = 66 (this is a mocking ritual)
Nine = 66 (this mock-story comes 9-days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s birthday.
Secret Societies = 66 (this is what they do, rituals)
Saturn Worship = 66 (Saturn, the Sun God, whom they worship and make their rituals for)

And for even better synchronicity and a stronger gematria, you have:

Mock = 42 (what the ritual is about)
Nine = 42 (again, 9-days after Netanyahu’s birthday)
Internet = 42 (Facebook, Meta, and Zuckerberg is all about the internet, internet is also ‘666’)
Zionism = 42 (the ideology and support for a Jewish state in ‘The Holy Land’ – Zuckerberg has strong Jewish ties, and it goes with Rothschild’s WJC)
Freemason = 42 (most of the lackeys are Freemasons, including Zuckerberg)
Jesuit = 42 (the order writing the script)
This is also very fitting as the ‘Beast’ ruled for 42-months in the Book of Revelation.

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984. This mocking-story breaks on October 30, exactly 169 days after his birthday.
Hebrew Speakers Mock Facebook’s New Name = 169 (what the story is about)
Scripted News = 169 (what it is)

It is also a span of 170 days (when you count and includes the end-date.)
The Church of Satan = 170 (very relevant, at this was the 666-week anniversary of this secret order)
Sacrifice = 170 (appropriate as you always sacrifice something in these rituals)

As you can clearly see, this did not trend by chance. It was a planned ritual, as it always is.

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