California, Illinois and New York Declares ‘State of Emergency’ After Accounting for ‘47%’ of Imaginary U.S. Monkeypox Sodom and Gomorrah Virus Cases

According to the scripted news, California, Illinois and New York have reported 47% of all confirmed monkeypox infections in the U.S. Just like the compass on the Freemasonic logo is set at 47 degrees, how original.
In total, the U.S. has reported nearly 6,000 cases of monkeypox across 48 states. And that for a “disease” and an imaginary virus that does not exist. However, they love the mockery since monkeypox has been labelled a gay virus, and the Catholic boys behind this just love that.

So… 47%?

Homosexual = 47
The Freemasonic compass on their logo is set at 47 degrees.

Across 48 states? And they say they can’t keep up with vaccination due to the demand? Oh, the mockery. So many worried brainwashed homosexuals?

Monkeypox = 48, 48
Vaccination = 48, 48
Monkeypox Hoax = 48 (what it is, a complete hoax)
Gay = 48 (monkeypox is an imaginary gay virus)
Sex = 48 (said to be transferred during gay sex)
Homosexuality = 48
The Masons = 48 (behind the mockery)
Freemason = 48 (and they also love their Satanic Sodom and Gomorrah)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a ‘state of emergency’ over the rapidly spreading monkeypox outbreak on Monday, August 1, and is thus the third U.S. state to do so in a matter of days, following suit in the silly gay-ritual of New York and Illinois. Note that New York did this on Friday, July 29, while both Illinois and California made the announcement on August 1.

August 1, as in 8/1, or 81, is a perfect fit with their ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ theme of the imaginary gay monkeypox virus pushed by the masons within the government.

Sodom and Gomorrah = 81, 81, 81
Masons = 81, 81 (again…)

Again, New York was the first state to announce this ‘state of emergency’ or ‘monkeypox emergency’ on July 29, and the first fake case of monkeypox in the U.S. was on May 18. That is a span of 73 days counting the end date.

State of Emergency = 73
Monkeypox Emergency = 73
Mason = 73 (their fingerprints are all over this)

Or you could say that the declaration in New York came 72-days after the first faked case, revealing once again who is behind this, as always.

Jesuit Order = 72
Mason = 72

And then Illinois and California followed on August 1st, which was a span of 76-days after the first faked case. And the main issue reported by Newsom was vaccines.

Vaccines = 76
Anal Sex = 76 (as in vaccines for anal sex, the mockery)
The Freemasons = 76
Skull and Bones = 76 (Order 322 Freemasonry out of Yales)
Masons = 76

On August 1st, when the ‘state of emergency’ was declared in Illinois and California, there were 152-days remaining in the year.

State of Emergency = 152, 152

And August 1st was the 213th day of the year.

Monkeypox Virus = 213
Homosexual Virus = 213

August 1st also comes with a simple 31-date numerology. Again, the main ‘concern’ was about vaccines to push that evil satanic agenda alongside sodomy.
8/1/22 = 8 + 1 + 22 = 31

Vaccines = 31
Satanic = 31 (and 22)
Anal Sex = 31 (and 22)

And keep in mind, this was on August 1st, like 8/1, or 81, and it’s all about vaccines and the homosexual agenda – both parts of the depopulation agenda.

Depopulation Agenda = 81
Forced Vaccination = 81
Sodom and Gomorrah = 81

And this “development” of the Money-pox-hoax ties back to the previous Sodom and Gomorrah ritual they pulled off on February 23, 2022, when FDA approved a condom for anal sex, only months before they threw this monkeypox mockery in our faces. Not that they actually mentioned “the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.” That is pure predictive programming right there!

They claim they had a “clinical trial” for that satanic condom consisting of groups of 252 and 252 and where imaginary STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) were reported 0.64%, like 64.

Sodom and Gomorrah = 252
Monkeypox Emergency = 252
Condom = 64 (what the fake study was about)
Homosexual Virus = 64 (what the condom will supposedly “protect” against)

Again, this condom story and programming for the monkeypox to come, was published on February 23, like 2/23, or 223. 223 is the 48th prime, just like they now reported monkeypox in 48 states, tying these rituals together.
Remember, ‘monkeypox,’ ‘vaccination,’ ‘homosexuality,’ ‘gay,’ and ‘sex’ all sums to 48.

My point here is not only that viruses and transmittable diseases, such as idiotic STI’s, are all lies and totally fake, but also that all these stories are manufactured, scripted and put together as rituals to program your subconscious mind and mock your intelligence. All this monkeypox, condom, gay sex, and Sodom and Gomorrah nonsense is pure mockery, all while driving the virus and vaccination agenda.
And while it might seem dumb to put so much effort into an alleged virus that is targeting gay people and therefore is very limited in its reach, it’s all about programming and dulling the thinking process of masses. This is only the commercial break between the main events – most people will relax as it does not concern them, but they are still being programmed by the virus lie during the commercials. The second pandemic is coming, and when it does, people will be so used to viruses and diseases that they do not question it although the first pandemic was so obviously fake that people should riot. Again, it’s all about programming and dulling people’s ability to rationalize by information and propaganda overload.

So, as I always say, this is why it is so crucial that we constantly expose the virus and contagion lie – that the germ theory is the biggest lie of our century and one of the strongest and most vile slave-shackles attached to humanity. We need to break free from it, or this will never end.

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