World HELL Organization Declares Monkey-HOAX-Pox a “Global” Health Emergency by The Numbers – Updated!

It comes at no surprise that WHO declared the Monkey-Hoax-Pox a “global” health emergency today after the silly story about two children catching this made-up fantasy disease yesterday, as I decoded this morning:

First Two U.S. Cases of NON-Existent Monkeypox in Children

I will not go into any deep decoding of this, since it’s so extremely retarded and obviously fake as f**k.

Just to give you the basics, as I posted earlier today on our uncensored community, the WHO declared monkey-hoax-pox a public emergency 905-days after January 30, 2020, when they declared coronavirus a public health emergency. 905 is 95, as you remove the zeroes in numerology. Remember, Society of Jesus, aka., ‘The Jesuit Order,’ was created to counter Martin Luther’s 95 theses. Also…

Emergency = 95

The first case of Monkeypox traces back to May 6, or 5/6, or 6/5, like 56 and 65 – the two coronavirus hoax codes used in most of their stories. Also, in 95, the six can be flipped to read 65 or 56 backwards… Clever little bastards.

So, counting from May 6, the monkeypox emergency has been declared 78-days after the first case, or a span of 79 days.

Society of Jesus = 79
Monkeypox Children = 79 (Jewish Reduction)
Order Out of Chaos = 78
Monkeypox Outbreak = 78
Monkeypox Vaccine = 78
Monkeypox Ritual = 78
Saturnian Order = 78 (The Jesuits)
Monkeypox in Children = 78 (Chaldean – what fueled this)
Jesuit = 78

My original article about the fake Monkeypox outbreak on May 6th:

Another Day, Another Hoax – Monkeypox, Monkey Mockery

Joseph Aquaviva’s video decode of this fake mockery:

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