October 25, 2020. The days after the 5-day fast.

The day after: First off, my body weight yesterday before breaking the fast was 70.2 kg (154.4 lbs.). Anyhow, I slept pretty well. I did have a small bowl of yoghurt, egg yolks, raw milk, and whey protein an hour after my steak tartare yesterday. Also made sure to load up on extra sodium and drinking a lot more water than I usually do – to help re-hydrate my body as it gets nutrients again. Morning weight up to 73,5 kg. So, 3 kg gained back in the first 12 hours. Although with very little carbohydrates.

Did a press-dominant (shoulders and a little chest) with a few sets of biceps. Energy levels really good. Strength very good, but muscle endurance a bit low. I lost a lot of reps on some of the drop sets. But that is to be expected after a 5-day depleting fast.
As for strength, I did barbell shoulder presses with 95 kg (209 lbs.) for 3 reps. My best this year is 3 reps with 105 kg (231 lbs.), but that was two months ago when I weighted 79 kg. Today I was 73.5 kg and just coming off a 5-day fast! So, yeah, my strength is good and I can probably do 105 kg again in two weeks at a lower body weight.

The second day: joined some friends from all over the world for some online gaming. Was finished at about 3.30 am Sunday morning. Did eat a lot though, so after 2 hours of sleep, my morning weight was 75.8 kg (167 lbs.). That’s a gain of 2.3 kg (5 lbs.) since yesterday and a total of 5.6 kg (12.3 lbs.) since finishing the fast.

Did a pull-dominant workout (back) with triceps. Energy was high, could do a lot of cluster- and drop sets. All done in 30 minutes. The picture is taken about 20 minutes after that training session.

After two meals, in the afternoon, body weight is 76.5 kg (168 lbs.). However, I can not tell from how I feel that I’ve gained over 6 kg in 1.5 days. I feel light, energetic (with only 2 hours sleep and a 90 min powernap) and full of life. No bloating, no lethargy, no tiredness. I simply feel great.
Also, as mentioned earlier, I had quite a lot of “pre-workout” carbohydrates. First palatinose that I actually followed up with rice cakes and honey. All-in-all just about 120 grams of carbohydrates the hour before the training sessions.

And yes, digestion has been perfect, even though I had a lot of sugar and far more to eat yesterday than I usually have in a day. The key is to separate sugars from fat. I only have carbohydrates before and maybe after a training session and only with some amino acids. Then an hour or two later I have my first “carnivore” meal, and that is what I eat during the rest of the day.

So, did I lose any muscle mass from this 5-day fast? No, not from what I can tell. Two days later, I actually weigh more than I did before the fast. Sure, it’s supercompensation from an “overload” of intercellular fluid. But besides that, I am also leaner. A bit narrower waist, more definition in arms and shoulders, and so on.

As for other effects, hopefully the tumor shrunk a bit more. I’ll see tomorrow how it feels to train legs. Hopefully my left leg has recovered enough that I can do some front squats and/or back squats.

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