October 28, 2020. 4 days after the 5-day fast.

Just a quick update. It’s been 4 full days since my 5-day fast. And I did my fourth training session today as well. Chest and biceps. The program I developed will be available shortly (you can get the first macrocycle by contacting me, if you don’t want to wait). The photo is from the locker room, five minutes after the workout.

Morning body weight is around 76 kg now (167 lbs.). It fluctuates up towards 78 in the evening, mostly because of the 120 to 180 grams of carbohydrates I consume before my training sessions.

As for my training, my body feels a lot “fresher” after the fast. It responds better and quicker to anything I do. And no, the carbohydrates and the tiny amount of shitty fiber they provide (rice cakes) has not upset my digestion. It’s still perfect. Being animal-based has repaired my digestion tract and given me the best possible gut microbiome. Let’s just say that in the past, before animal-based, I would have been in trouble from all these carbohydrates. Now, not even one bit. I can’t even tell when I slip in and out of ketosis. My body is very fat adapted and runs fine on any fuel source.

Any plans to add more muscle? Not sure I want too. I don’t like force feeding myself. I hit the weights because I love it. It’s my little outlet. Might try to improve body composition a bit more, just to show that it’s just as easy and doable at 46 as at 26 (given that you are animal-based, of course).


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