November 2, 2020. Training update!

Another little update for the nosy bastards. 😁 It’s been 9 days or so since the fast. I’ve been at the gym for 8 of them and my morning weight is now at 77.6 kg (171 lbs.) – so up another 1.6 kg in 5 days. And my evening weight is closing in on 79 kg. My body is like a sponge. Therefore, I will change my nutritional strategy a bit before I get too big and bulky again.

First, I will cut back on the pre-workout carbohydrates. I’ve been at the gym 8 out of 9 days, so that’s 8 days with close to 160 grams of carbohydrates before each workout. And I can begin to see it in my obliques. Soon the sides of my stomach will be wider than my back. It’s not a good look.
Yeah, I’m joking around a bit. But the facts remain. Too much carbohydrates too often will f**k you up. Higher inflammation, an enormous increase in the need of antioxidants from the toxic carbohydrate metabolism and so on. Therefore, I will go back to be somewhat strict carnivore on most days, and use carbohydrates on the days with my biggest lifts – being hip/pull day with deadlifts, and leg-day with squats and leg presses. So, carbohydrates two to three times a week, depending on my training cycle and rest days.

The only advantage with keeping carbohydrates in the diet (except that it makes it a tiny bit easier to gain muscle), is metabolic flexibility. I want my body to be able to run flawlessly on any fuel source. Sure, fat and ketones are preferred and the healthiest fuel for our body, but I don’t want to tank if I have to consume carbohydrates. With great metabolic flexibility, you do not even notice when you switch fuel sources and go out or in of ketosis. And let me tell you, that is awesome. We’re designed for it, but unfortunately 99.9 % of the population have lost that ability due to a poor diet. Still, it’s pretty easy to “re-train” your body.

Photo from today’s training session (with my brother who helped me with some extreme drop-sets, thanks!)

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