October 23, 2020. FASTING – Day 5 of 5

I had trouble falling asleep yesterday since I was very “wired”, but when I did, I slept pretty good for a total of about 6 hours (usually aim for 7.5 hours). My resting heart rate is down another 2 bpm, and a total of 7 bpm since the first day of the fast.

My body weight is down to 70.5 kg, a drop of 0.5 kg since yesterday, and a total of 4.6 kg (10.1 lbs.). Since I lost most water weight the first 2 days, the weight-drop in the last days is pretty much pure fat loss – and I can tell.

Energy levels pretty stable most of the day. A few dips similar to yesterday, but very good overall. Energy better during walks. While I felt sluggish the first minutes at the start of the fast, I now had energy from the first step. Still no hunger, no cravings, nothing. So, my nutritional status is still good. That’s the animal-based diet for you. The only way to get bioavailable nutrients and to load up on them.

I broke my fast at 5.25 pm, after 120 hours. 5 days done. A spoon of fish roe, a few bits of raw liver and then an hour later, some steak tartare. Never tasted better!

Tomorrow I’ll hit the gym again after 4 days off. Really looking forward to that! We usually train at 9.00 am. And I will get back to my old routine with some slow carbohydrates (palatinose) one hour out, followed by honey and some EAA about 20 minutes before the training session. An hour after the training session I’ll usually have some yoghurt or kefir with raw milk and some whey protein (just to get a little bit of carbohydrates and some fast-acting protein). Then I’ll have red meat and/or fish, eggs and organ meats for another two meals during the remaining day.

Will try and get some new pictures tomorrow. Was way too busy today.

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