June 12, 2018. Dry Fasting Update – recovering from tumors and organ failure

If you read my post on June 6, you know that I did a regular electrolyte fast on Sunday June 3. Then I did a 48 hour hard dry fast (no contact with water), rehydrated for 4 hours, and then continued my dry fast for another 48 hours for a total of 4 days. After this I rehydrated for two days on my regular routine with a 2-hour eating window each day. No carbs, since I only did light rehab-training work in the gym. When I felt properly rehydrated I took new photos. It’s one week between them. 5 days of fasting with 4 days of dry fasting and two days of recuperating.

And yes, I’m too lean to do prolonged fasting at the moment. So, I need to gain 5 to 8 pounds of fat before I can do the next one – or I will lose muscle as my body can’t keep up with the release of stored fatty acids and burn them as energy; as there simply isn’t enough to mobilize.

Anyhow, my pollen allergies that flared up during that weekend vanished on the second day of dry fasting and is now completely gone. Just as I healed my asthma a few months ago. My skin regained a lot of elasticity (especially around the umbilical area). Some skin blemishes on my lower legs disappeared and my skin is a lot smoother to the touch. I regained a lot of energy and mental clarity. I lost a lot of fat (in 5 days!) and my caliper measurements shrunk at record speed! Not too bad for a 44-year old guy with the diseases I’m currently fighting.

I’ll post additional pictures and my caliper readings below. And if you wonder about my low body weight at only 59,8 kg, it’s due to the 7cm wide and 17 cm long tumor in my left leg. I lost most of my muscle mass in my legs and they’re not really responding to training or muscle memory at the moment. Otherwise I would be at about 67 to 70 kg right now. Keep in mind, I was weighing only 57 kg with more body fat 6 months ago and had just months to live according to the medical establishment.

June 10, side-deltoid striations. No real training yet, only some rehab and animal-based nutrition with strategic fasting for recovery and healing. Gaining weight due to muscle memory and earlier set-point (previously been about 76 kg muscular for years).
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