Olof Palme was NOT a man of the people

Just saw this post on FB about Olof Palme and how people commented that he was a great leader. So, I had to write a short 5-minutes rant/post about this. And yes, this is how clueless a lot of Swedes are about our history, our former ‘leaders’ and our world in general. And if you read this post, you’ll know why.

While most Swedish high-ranking politicians has been invited to the Bilderberg Meetings to get instructions on the current world agenda, Olof Palme was actually a member of the Committee of 300 (one of many organizations in high power, working with the elite for a One World Government (New World Order) and total enslavement of the world’s population). His power lied mostly with his extensive contact network in the political and war machine realm. Because of his position, the Club of Rome made use of him by having Palme deliver technology to the Soviet Union that was on the forbidden list of the U.S. Customs. They also used his communications network to put the spotlight on the phony Iran hostage crisis, while Palme traveled back and forth between Washington and Teheran in an effort to undermine the sovereign integrity of the U.S. and place the phony crisis in the realm of a Committee of 300 institution (in Holland).

Palme was also responsible for pushing the “Swedish Model”, which actually was a part of the social engineering plan adopted after the first Bilderberg Meeting held in Stockholm in 1954. In essence, the “Swedish Model” was touted as a “class-free society” in a socialistic/communist manner, but it was much more than that. It was a brain-washing, indoctrination, and mind-control experiment to make the citizens unaware slaves (which, to an extent, was also played out in Canada). The herd mentality, the inability to speak up and ask questions, the dependency on the state and big brother, the stupidity of trusting the media and looking up to fake ‘authority’ figures, and thereby a wide-spread Stockholm’s Syndrome are all the result of this indoctrination system and it is very prevalent in Sweden today – although more and more people are slowly waking up.

We do not know of all of Palme’s dealings or all the criminal acts he conducted for the Committee of 300, for the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group and the other sister organizations. But we do know that he pushed the New World Order Agenda, that he worked with the elite and war criminals. He was no hero. And he was absolutely not a man of the people. He was the exact opposite.

Addition from my Facebook post:
And… as with most high-ranking ‘politicians’, actors or whatnot, they are simply relocated or thrown into a new role. Palme was not killed/murdered. He was becoming mentally ill and was no longer a fit leader for the Socialist party (poisons, drugs, malnutrition) and he was relocated. The murder was pure theatre. The leaflet from the media company Dagens Nyheter was already printed 5 hours before the alleged murder and the news paper with the story was finished and printed just after it happened.

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