Jill Biden Makes Mother Day Trip to Ukraine, All by The Numbers

Look at that. Same stylish photos as when Boris Johnson and other puppets visited Ukraine in the ‘middle of the warzone’ and strolled around in shirts in the cities, like on a vacation. You could actually ponder the idea that the alleged war is nothing but a staged and scripted ruse for the media. Oh, wait, that is exactly what it is. But I digress.

This year, Mother’s Day came on May 8, as in 5/8, like 58. I wonder why they chose someone as uninteresting and unliked as Jill Biden for a Mother’s Day story? And why did she actually do this trip?

Oh yes, her name reduces to 58.

Jill Biden = 58

And Jill was born on June 3, so this trip came 26 days before her upcoming birthday.

Mother = 26
Ukraine = 26

Actually, the word ‘mother’ equates with ‘Ukraine’ in several ciphers, making the connection extremely strong and perfect for scripted stories.

Mother = 79, 34, 34, 30, 75, 474, 26
Ukraine = 79, 34, 34, 30, 75, 474, 26

Counting the end date, you can say that her visit came a span of 27-days to her birthday.

Mother = 27
First Lady = 27

Which is the same thing as 3 weeks and 6 days, as in 36.

Mother’s Day = 36
And this is in the same Chaldean cipher, making a very strong connection suitable for these kind of rituals.

And May Eight was the 128th day of the year, leaving 237-days remaining in the year.

May Eight = 128
Mother’s Day = 128
First Lady Jill Biden = 237

And who did first lady jill Biden meet with? Yes, the Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska.

Olena Zelenska = 52
First Lady Jill Biden = 52

Going back to her birthday on June 3, this trip comes 11 months and 5 days, as in 115, after her last birthday.

First Lady Jill Biden = 115, 115

And 115 is the octal (8-base counting) of 77.

Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden = 77
Jill Biden = 77
United States = 77
Also, DC is located on the 77th Meridian West.

And she visited Uzhhorod…

Uzhhorod = 29
Jill = 29
Biden = 29
Mother = 29

Uzhhorod = 115
First Lady Jill Biden = 115
Society of Jesus = 115

Uzhhorod = 52
Mother’s Day = 52

It’s becoming quite obvious why they had her take this trip on Mother’s Day to plaster it all over the news now, doesn’t it?
And we could go on, because there is more connections if you look at the date she assumed her role of first lady (January 20,) which anniversary was 108 days ago, as in the headlines calling it an ‘unannounced trip,’ and so on…

Again, everything they do is scripted and done by the numbers.

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