Your News Top Stories on July 25, All by The Numbers

As we always say, all top stories are fabricated or manipulated to fit their agendas, rituals and numbers. On July 25, CNN boosted their frontpage with articles featuring Walmart, the Pope, Pence, Biden, and Trump.

Walmart = 25
Pope = 25
Pence = 25
Biden = 25
Trump = 25

And all in the same cipher too. They’re certainly having a laugh.

Also, do not forget that the flooding in Pakistan (weather modification warfare,) which actually begun on Saturday (52-date numerology) and escalated on Sunday, did not make the headlines until Monday, July 25 – as 25 is the sum of ‘Enlil’ and ‘flood.’

Raining began on Saturday, July 23.
7/23/22 = 7 + 23 + 22 = 52
Did not make headlines until June 25, as in 25.

Enlil = 52, 25 (the Goddess of flooding)
Flood = 52, 25

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