Apocalypse of Ice – Another Predictive Programming and Conditioning piece of crap movie – and a few words on “Climate Change”

Oooh, the earth has been hit with an imaginary la-la-virus plandemic (sound familiar) and then, boom, a ‘climate crisis’ with a new ‘ice age’ looming. Yeah, we’ve seen similar programming in Snowpiercer and Train to Busan. This is just a hint to the weather modification that has been going on, especially in the US with longer and colder winters to force GMO crops on farmers and to hint on future food shortages. And also, that they will continue with the climate change hoax, fueled by their weather modification technology they don’t even deny exist any longer. Be prepared for record heat this summer and a lot of flooding. The number 52 and 25 is coming up a lot in July.

I jumped through the movie in 10 minutes. The acting is abysmal. The storyline even more so. Conditioning with people wearing face diapers, buzz words such as ‘climate change’ and always referring to Earth as a “globe”. But as most crappy movie productions, they are filled with hints about what is going on and what might be next. And it match up pretty well with what I have already decoded and shared. They will go full-blown climate change hoax this summer. Be prepared!

If anyone actually watched this “movie” in its full, I really feel sorry for you.

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