The ’Transvestigation’ Movement is Led by Disinformation Agents

One movement that has swept away a lot of baby truthers is the ‘transvestigation’ movement, a movement that has been completely overrun by shills and disinformation agents. It’s one of many ‘conspiracy theories’ with a bit of truth in it, that has been completely hijacked and become chicken-feed for auto-believers. You know the type, those who are fed up with the satanic celebrities and grasp at every straw to get another reason to hate on them, but instead of relying on facts, reason, and discernment, they are victims of feelings and what they wish to be true.
The rest of us rely on facts vs. feelings; on reason, observation, and evidence instead of blind trust, hope and fear. We are objective instead of subjective.

Now, we know that a lot of celebrities are transgender, especially men becoming “women,” or at least as far as surgery and hormone therapy goes. This illusion is easier to maintain as a man robbed of his androgenic hormones can remain skinny and add fat on hips and legs through estrogen therapy. However, a woman becoming a man is not as convincing, unless they add some muscle mass and body fat. If they are lean, muscle attachments and the thinner shape of muscle bellies give them away immediately. We can see this in competing women bodybuilders than many times take just as much testosterone as the men, and has been doing so since they were teenagers. Still, they look feminine as their muscle bellies lack the width and density of that of a weight-lifting man.

And this is where the extreme ridiculousness and absurdness of the disinformation agents within the transvestigation movement arise, as many of them now claim that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, and Sylvester Stallone were born female. Well, let’s just pretend that Stallone did not make those soft porn movies in the 70’s, lol.

Complete retardation. Disinformation Agent Alert!

Anyhow, myself, having worked exclusively for more than 20+ years in the sport- and media industry where I’ve coached thousands of athletes, especially within fitness and bodybuilding, such statements surely accomplish their mission of covering their followers in a shimmer of ridicule, miscrediting everything they touch, painting every baby truther as mentally retarded.

Apart from these obvious lies, the whole ‘transvestigation’ science is extremely poorly conducted and based on outdated and misrepresented “science.”
If you haven’t noticed, a lot of teenagers and young men today look very feminine. Are they all transgenders? Of course not. The problem is the extremely nutrient deficient and toxic modern diet. I explained this in depth in my 2017 article about pregnancy and the development of a fetus into a child. If the mother is deficient in nutrients, and/or have hormonal imbalances, the baby will not be fully developed, and this is especially evident in the skeletal structure. A boy that has not been fully developed will have a much narrower bone structure, smaller hands, and also a narrower face with much fewer masculine features, more resembling a girl. So, using old standardized male and female scull structure overlays as proof that a supposed male was born a female is completely irrelevant in today’s society. Same with shoulder-width and the style of walking. While the female femur does tilt inward towards the knees, making some of them “walking the rope,” a man who never fully developed can still walk more like a woman than a man, but he’s still a biological male.

So, while there are a lot of inverted celebrities, especially men becoming women, there are no women becoming men that have extreme physiques or can compete at the same levels in sports as biological men. So, no, sorry baby truthers, even Cristiano Ronaldo is most likely a biological male. However, many Hollywood women that you find attractive might very well be biological males.

For more on how nutrients and hormones affect a pregnancy and the baby, please read my article below.

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