Carnivore and Fat Loss Guides — Coaching and Education Spots Available

Once again, the backlog of clients waiting for their guides has been cleared and if you apply today or this weekend, chances are good that you will receive your personalized guide before mid-March. Note that the coaching information page linked below will be updated daily with an estimated queue time. With that said, as you apply, you are put in queue and when payment arrive, that spot is secured, so if you really want to learn this way of eating and the key to superior health and longevity, do not hesitate to apply right away.

Please note that these are not mere programs or meal plans to follow. These are personalized guides of more than 40 pages packed with information tailored to your specific situation, teaching you how to adopt and flourish on your own – backed with four weeks of full support.
Usually no more guides or programs are needed, no monthly coaching at additional costs.

Note that my consulting services are currently running without any noticeable backlog and I will get in contact with you within 12 hours to help you with your questions.

To read more and to apply, please go to this page.

Online-Coaching and Education – Animal-Based Nutrition

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