The Orange County Church False Flag Shooting

First, we have a “racially motivated” staged false flag shooting in Buffalo on Saturday (with ’33’ all over it,) and then a “politically motivated” staged false flag shooting at a church on a Sunday. They are really pushing their agenda of gun control now. With almost no shootings at all for several years before and during the staged pandemic, they once again escalate these false flag operations this year. It should be bloody obvious what is going on, but most people are too ignorant and asleep to notice.

During Monday, they claim that the shooter was David Chou, 68, of Las Vegas. A former immigrant from China who allegedly was upset about the political tensions between China and Taiwan. So, he went from Los Angeles to a ‘Taiwanese church,’ 273 miles away in Laguna Woods, to shoot some people. Yeah, that make sense.

Although this happened in Laguna Woods, all news outlets formulate their headlines as ‘Orange County Shooting.’ This is important, since ‘orange’ is the Freemasonic hoax code, and writing ‘Orange County Church,’ gets you the ‘CC,’ which is code for the Freemasonic ’33,’ as ‘C’ is the third letter.

Orange = 33
Police = 33
False Flag = 33
Masonry = 33
Federal = 33
Order = 33

They claim that one person is dead and five is wounded. The phrase ‘one dead’ reduces to ‘33’ in gematria. And the only dead person, ‘John Cheng,’ also reverse to ‘33’ in full reduction gematria. Also, that is six people in total. They just love their sixes. The word ‘five’ reverse to ‘66’ in Ordinal Gematria, and ‘66’ is shorthand code for ‘666,’ and the phrase ‘Number of the Beast’ reduces to ’66.’ So, that goes hand-in-hand with six total victims. And of course, the phrase ‘five wounded’ reduces to their favorite hoax number of ’56.’

Remember, David Chou was claimed to be sixty-eight years old.

Sixty-Eight = 56
Five Wounded = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

The staged shooting happened at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in California, where a sister Taiwanese church worshiped, and the charges against Chou is ‘murder.’

Taiwanese = 56
Murder = 56
California Church = 56 (what CNN calls it, and you get another ‘CC’)

The shooting happened on a Sunday, May 15th, a day with 42-numerology which we have been very familiarized with this year due to the fake war in Ukraine, which has 24, 42, and 48 all over it.
15/5/22 = 15 + 5 + 22 = 42

David Chou = 42 (the alleged suspect)
Freemason = 42 (it’s staged by the Freemasonic Police)
Laguna Woods = 42 (where the shooting happened)
Orange County = 42 (the county where the shooting happened)

And, of course…

Masonry = 42
False Flag = 42
Jesuit = 42

May 15 also has a 62-date numerology, which fits perfectly with the headlines…
15/5/2022 = 15 + 5 + 20 + 22 = 62

1 Dead and 5 Wounded = 62, 62, 62
The Jesuits = 62

The news of the suspect David Chou from Las Vegas came on Monday, the 16th of May, as in 16/5, like 165.

Laguna Woods = 165
Orange County = 165

165 is the octal of 117, which just happen to fit where the alleged shooter was from.

Las Vegas, Nevada = 117

David Chou was said to be Chinese, and they probably got it from the President of China, who is Xi Jinping with a birthday on the 15th of June, as in 15/6, like 156.

David Chou = 156
Jinping’s b-day,15/6

The press release of David Chou as the shooter came on May 16, which is exactly 4 weeks and 2 days before Xi Jinping’s birthday on June 15, as in 42. If you include the end-date, you still get 42 if you count from the day the shooting happened on May 15. Thus, we come full circle with the 42 once again.
Cleverly scripted, but so obvious to us who can see.

And, remember that 42, as we covered above, and 48, are used for the fake war in Ukraine? These are hot numbers among the cabal this year.

David Chou = 42, 48
False Flag = 42, 48
Freemason = 42, 48
World War = 42, 48

One Dead = 48
John Cheng = 48, 48 (the alleged dead victim)
Orange = 48 (the hoax code, and also Orange County)
Shooting = 48

And to understand the agenda and why the police do these staged false flag shootings, all you need to do is to go on Twitter and see all the AI-bots replying with statements as, “Congress needs to act on Gun Control Now.”
It’s all about removing your rights and your ability to protect yourself, your family, and your property as the looming economical crash and the New World Order approaches.

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