Kathy, Don’t Go – Predictive Programming From 1985

“Kathy, Don’t Go” was made by Heaven’s Magic of Aurora Productions. It was, as far as I can tell, a media arm of The Family International, formerly known as The Children of God – a cult formed in 1968 by David Brandt Berg.

The music video opens with a radio broadcast informing people of a new 666 bar-code implant to serve as a new payment system. The girl listening to this broadcast, The Kathy of the title, decides to go to the supermarket. The singers of the song advise against this.

Bar-code and microchip implant, ‘Mark of the Beast,’ programming from a music video made in 1985. Guy even wearing face masks at 1:53. It pretty much sums up Agenda 2030 and what we are experiencing now as the economy soon will collapse.

For those awake, this is not surprising, as they have planned today’s events more than 70 years in advance.

And more from the same people, Watch Out For 666:

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