Temporarily Banned on Facebook for 7 days or less

If you are on Facebook, please note that I currently can’t post, like or comment.

On Friday, August 3rd, my post about Israel on Facebook was flagged and hidden. After writing support, the post was restored after four minutes. Although Facebook admitted their mistake and restored my post about the increased daily deaths in Israel (their government statistics), their badly written code still registered it as a fourth violation and gave me a 7-day ban, just a few minutes after they admitted their mistake. They even say they removed the ban, but it’s still there, and if you click on it, it shows the exact same thing as the allegedly removed ban. That is how poorly this platform works.
I have written their support again, but that cannot be reviewed by bots, so it will probably take some time before some lazy employee gets to it – and most of them are to stupid to understand Natural Law, so it will probably be forwarded to their higher-up as well. I did include an ‘Office Found’ notice, so whomever reads it is personally responsible for it to reach the right person by law. But with these clowns you never know… They do everything to hide the truth and to go full totalitarian on the right to free speech.

In the meantime, I’m still on Wimkin, WakeUpFriends, and MeWe – and of course, everything I write is posted here on my website, bartoll.se

And I will also have my friends post any new stuff I write on my behalf with me tagged, so it shows up on my timeline.

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