THEY ARE MOCKING YOU! Snow Leopard Allegedly Tested Positive for the ‘Rona!

This mocking of the sleeping brainwashed masses simply has no end. They desperately need to invent new stupid, ridiculous lies every day, to reinforce the illusion of a pandemic, the illusion of a contagious virus.
I just can’t believe that there are people thinking that this is real. Who read this garbage without a single question, just sitting there nodding like a little sheep dozing off. It’s just incomprehensible.

Just for the fun of it, and to show you the obvious, let’s break down this story using Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality to keep us oblivious to how the world really works and what is going on. Gematria is an ancient practice of coding language; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

The headline reads as:
“A rare snow leopard at the San Diego Zoo has tested positive for coronavirus”

Snow Leopard: 142, 155, 56
Coronavirus: 142, 155, 56

Three out of four on the English standard ciphers. And “Snow Leopard” has eleven letters and each position can be occupied by 26 different letters. Quite the coincidence to get a match on three out of four with 1 191 817 653 772 720 942 460 132 761 possible combinations on the two most important keywords. Also notice that it’s a match with ‘56’, the very special number concerning the fake pandemic! But hey, there is more!

Snow Leopard: 142
Coronavirus: 142
San Diego: 142

The name of the snow Leopard is said to be ‘Ramil’.
Story broke on July 25, 2021 = (7) + (25) + (21) = 53
Ramil: 53

Ramil: 53, 26, 82, 228, 318, 492
Covid: 53, 26, 82, 228, 318, 492

Three out of four on the English ciphers again, including full matches on the Satanic, the English Sumerian and Reverse Sumerian ciphers… Imagine these no-life scumbags deciding to make a story about an animal catching an imaginary virus and they use their software to come up for matches on ‘Coronavirus’ and then match it with a name and Covid. I wonder if this leopard really exist, or if its name really is ‘Ramil’. If they put so much work into a silly mock-story like this, imagine what they do with the real headlines!

Story broke on July 25, the 206th day of the year.
San Diego: 206 (Jew)

Also, note that Ramil and Covid is both ‘26’ in Full Reduction. What else is ‘26’?
Ramil: 26
Covid: 26
Virus: 26
Lie: 26
It’s Fake: 26

And also, the last Reverse Full Reduction cipher in ‘Ramil’ is 37.
July 25, 2021 = (7) + (25) + 2+0+2+1 = 37
Ramil: 37
Virus: 37
The Jesuits: 37

The poor thing, sitting there at the San Diego Zoo, had symptoms of cough and nasal discharge and a test that tests for nothing showed ‘SARS-CoV-2’…

San Diego Zoo: 58
Nasal Discharge: 58

Rare Snow Leopard: 86, 71
Nasal Discharge: 86, 71

SARS-CoV-2: 27
Cough: 27

Tested Positive: 82
Covid: 82
Ramil: 82

If you happen to hear anyone you know talking about this poor snow leopard who caught something that doesn’t exist, just hit them on the head and listen for the echo.

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