För Frihet & Sanning – Show Their True Colors – Controlled Opposition

The evil satanic Freemasons behind this joke of an controlled-opposition organization does not even hide what they are any longer.

One eye symbolism (Eye of Horus = Sun God Worship).
The Swedish flag painted over the eye and rotated as an upside down satanic cross. And everything made with the Jesuit colors.

The 6th of June – or 6/6 = 66, as in 666. (The Number of the Beast = 66 in Full Reduction Gematria)
And as in 33 x 2, the Freemasonic 33.

Bring flags and ‘drums’ as in ‘drummer boys’ – marching to the Civil War.

Berzelii park = B3rz3lii park whe you flip the ‘e’, or “33” as in Freemasons’ sacred number 33.

Let’s check some Gematria. The time, 14:00 can be written as, (1+4):00 = 50, which fits nicely with the decodings below.
Berzelii: 86, 50, 130
Jesuits: 86, 50
Human Sacrifice: 86, 130
Blood Sacrifice: 86
Satanic: 50
Rosicrucian: 130

Berzelii Park: 132, 69, 75
Catholic Church: 132, 69 75
Roman Catholic: 132, 75
The Jesuit Order: 69
Bavarian Illuminati: 75
Order Out of Chaos: 75

Wow, several matches on the ciphers for Catholic Church and their secret order, the Jesuits. No wonder they choose that place for the gathering and to start off their ritual.

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