Explosion inside Chicago Apartment Building – Freemasonic Satanic Ritual Connected to Obama and the Georgia Guidestones – Updated!

The London Bridge Operation is over, the Queen’s funeral has come to an end, and we’re back to their old shenanigans again. This time we have a pre-planned and scripted explosion of an apartment building in Chicago, all done by the numbers.

This explosion happened on Tuesday, September 20, a day leaving 102-days remaining in the year. It happened in an apartment building in South Austin, Chicago.

Apartment Building = 102 (and 78, 273)
South Austin, Chicago = 102 (and 78, 273)

One of the injured that allegedly was interviewed by CBS News went by the very unusual name of “Anthonella Wims.” While ‘Wims’ sounds like ‘whims” or ‘Sims’ (as in a non-player simulated character,) the surname of “Anthonella” is an anagram for ‘A nonlethal.’ So, we have survivor, ‘a nonlethal sim,’ being interviewed. How clever, and how very Freemasonic. And of course, that play on the name fits the numbers as well.

Anthonella = 102

One of the crisis-actor Anthonella’s quotes were, “It just blew up out of nowhere,” which also is their title of one of their video reports, which happens to be exactly 03:03 in length, as in the Freemasonic ’33.’

They also mention that the most seriously injured ‘victim’ with very traumatic burn injuries were being treated at the burn unit of Loyola. Yes, ‘Loyola’ as in the founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola. Such a nice little tribute to their masters.

This explosion, which is said to be from a “explosive device” comes 76-days after the explosion at the Georgia Guidestones, which was another Freemasonic ritual. And, of course, 76 is the gematrical value of “R.C. Christian,” the fictional character wo erected the Guidestones, the value of “South Austin,” the area where this explosion happened, the value of “explosive device,” and the value of “Skull and Bones,” The Freemasonic North America HQ out of Yales University, Connecticut.

Now, this explosion was without any doubt connected to Barack Obama and their play of him being the Antichrist.
Joseph Acquaviva made a very good video on this that is linked at the end of this article. And as such, we can expect a lot of Satanic numerology and gematria hidden in this riddle.
Actually, Obama’s book “A Promised Land” reduces to ‘76’ in gematria, which perfectly fits the span of days since the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones.

Now, they always connect governors and/or mayors to their events and rituals, and one example in this case is of the mayor ‘Lori Lightfoot,’ who was born on August 4 — the exact same day as Barack Obama’s birthdate! Such a coincidence!

And, of course, this explosion happened at a span of 6 weeks and 6 days, as in 66, after both their birthdays. 66 is shorthand for ‘666’ as the phrase ‘Number of the Beast’ reduces to ‘66’ in Gematria.

Number of the Beast = 66

And to mock us and tell other Freemasons of their little ritual, a red Ford from the fire department was parked in front of the firetruck with the license plate ending in ‘666’ and with the number 18 on the hood. 6 + 6 + 6 = 18.

That is how they communicate, and that is a sure-way of telling that this was planned, scripted, and executed by the Freemasons within your own government. You do not need to know gematria and decode their keywords and dates to see through the deception if you can pick up on these little signs and tell-tales.

And as for the date, September 20 came with a 35-date numerology, which fits the narrative and the location of their ritual. Note that they say that the building had ‘35’ units. Such wonderful coincidences.
9/20/2022 = (9) + (20) + 2+0+2+2 = 35

Chicago = 35
Satan = 35
Baphomet = 35

Now, do you remember who they involve in these rituals? Yes, we covered the mayor who just happened to share her birthday with Obama, but then we also have the governor, J. B. Pritzker. This chubby fella was born on January 19, which just happened to be exactly 35 weeks before this explosion. Yes, another 35. If you can’t see the pattern by now, you better go back to watching the magic black mirror, the tell-a-lie-vision, and gulp down some more dumbing-down soda.

For a deeper dive into this Satanic ritual and the connections to Barack Obama, check out Joseph’s video below. It’s another ‘bomb,’ literally!

Update, September 21, 4:30 p.m. UTC: New expanded video by Joseph Acquaviva. Undeniable connections! Must watch!

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