June 22, 2018. Fasting update.

Dry fasting measurements update! Since fasting boosts your metabolism and optimizes your hormones, I only managed to gain 210 grams of fat during my last 7-day overeating phase (I did eat a lot!) Therefore, because my body fat was so low, I only did a 72-hour dry fast this time (I would have loved a 72 with 6-hours rehydration and then another 48 hours or more).

I’m now 0.3 kg (0.66 lbs) heavier than after my second dry fast, but with less body fat. Pretty incredible. And this time I took my measurements after only one day of rehydration (last time I waited for two days).
And yes, I feel really good today. I will now start another overeating phase so I can fast again as soon as possible to continue to heal. This is simply freaking awesome! I’ll try to get some new pictures done as well and will post them here if they turn out okay.

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