The Oldest Alleged Mammal Ever Identified – a Shrew-Like ‘Pope Francis’ Creature

If you have any critical thinking skills, you probably have your suspicions about paleontology and our re-written and totally fake history, with million of years added to the alleged age of the earth and over 1000 years added to our own ‘modern’ history. We’ve covered this in depth at our uncensored community

As for this little story, which should catch your eye, as the poor little ‘shrew’ recently figured in the headlines as the cause of a new fake ‘Langya virus outbreak’ in China. You know, where 35 Chinese at various locations all managed to get “infected” by a non-existent virus from a rodent. Just imagine that, 35 people all being so affectionate and close to their little rodents for all these years and then boom, just out of the blue, they happened to evolve into little sinister virus-making shrews of doom. Yes, some people actually believed that story, but I digress. Time to get back to the topic in hand.

New China Theatre as They Claim 35 Cases of Made-Up Bad-Guy Langya Virus

I guess those making all this up simply like the play on words, as the poor shrew has a name that is also associated with shrewd as in being crafty and sly, and as in shrewdness, as in being shrewd – a backbiter, a she-devil.

So, paleontologists from Britain and Brazil now claim that they found some fossilized teeth and bones that they date-back (very questionable and unprecise science) to being 225 million years old, which supposedly is 20 million years older than the previous oldest “dated” mammal.

Now, being fossilized means that they have to break away what they think is the fossilized matter from the rock that encapsulate the remains. This process involves chipping and drilling with tools and using chemicals, which simply means that the end result depends on the paleontologist doing the work and his/her resolve and imagination. And from these few teeth and bones they once again use their imagination to create a whole animal. Once again, nothing I would call real science, but I digress.

Now, this fabrication from a few teeth and bones which they imagined as a little rodent was named ‘Brasilodon quadrangularis,’ which is more than a handful. So, they simply went with calling it a “shrew-like creature.” Of course, this is not by accident and is part of the mocking ritual, which this “science” is. Looking at their language of gematria, such a long phrase gives high numbers that are very rare and only give us a handful readable matches. So, what are they up to?

Shrew-Like Creature = 201, 84, 796, 258, 105, 853, 1206, 1548
Vatican City in Rome = 201, 84, 796, 258, 105, 853, 1206, 1548

201 is key here, as it symbolizes their real power, that of ‘The Jesuit Order’ of the Catholic Church in the Vatican City; and all the secret societies that lies beneath and are in their total control, such as the Order of Illuminati and the Freemasons.

Shrew-Like Creature = 201, 105, 1206
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201, 105, 1206 (Pope Francis!)
Order of Illuminati = 201, 105, 1206

Look at that, the shrew-like creature is actually a spitting image of an ancestor to little Jorge, aka., Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope in the Vatican.

Shrew-Like Creature = 201, 84
The Jesuit Order = 201, 84

All joking aside, this ‘shrew-like creature’ is nothing more than a tribute to the Pope, the Vatican, and the Jesuit Order as they continue to fabricate our history by their own will and imagination – keeping us prisoners in their illusion. This “discovery” is 100% fake and all done by the numbers, make no mistake about that!

Remember, this shrew little rodent is supposed to be 225 million years old.

The Jesuit Order = 225

Or you can spell it out…

Two Hundred and Twenty-Five = 111, 111
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 111, 111 (Pope Francis)

They quote the alleged discovery as “very significant.”

Very Significant = 181, 82
225 Million Years = 181, 82

And it all fits together.

225 Million = 93, 114
Shrew-Like Creature = 93, 114
Order of Illuminati = 93
The Jesuit Order = 93

This made the news on September 6, the day leaving 116-days remaining in the year. Note that they claim, somehow, that this shrew-like creature was ‘8 inches.’

Shrew-Like = 116
8 Inches = 116
Pope Francis = 116

They are sure having a laugh with this ‘shrewd’ Jesuit ritual. Even more so in a few years when school children will be programmed with this nonsense from their Jesuit tampered ‘His-Story books.’

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