False Flag at Fred Meyer Update – 39-Year-Old Suspect Arrested on the 39th Day of the Year

My first coverage of this false flag is here below:

False Flag Fred Meyer Shooting in Richland is Connected to the King Sooper Shooting of March 22, 2021

And yes, at this stage they’re just mocking the sheep and their lack of intelligence. Allegedly “Aaron Christopher Kelly,” 39-years old, was taken into custody without incident, the Richland Police Department said today, February 8, the 39th day of the year.

And the person who died, yesterday on February 7, the 38th day of the year, was identified as 38-year-old Justin Krumbah. Yes, 38-years-old! I sh*t you not! Oh, the coincidences. The mockery!

The Fred Meyer store is part of the Kroger chain, and ‘Krumbah’ just happens to sum to 74, just as Kroger.

Krumbah = 74
Kroger = 74
Killing = 74
Masonic = 74 (remember, this was a masonic Order 322-ritual)
Occult = 74 (the Freemasons are an occult order)

But it gets better. This was a Masonic Order 322 tribute, executed exactly 322-days after the Boulder shooting on 3/22 last year.

Krumbah = 74, 29, 115, 43
Masonic = 74, 29, 115, 43
Such mockery, perfect match on the victims alleged name.

And the alleged shooter in Richland was Aaron Kelly.

Richland = 42
Aaron Kelly = 42

And he shot Krumbah in a grocery store.

Grocery Store = 156
Aaron Kelly = 156

And Aaron, the killer of Justin Krumbah, was arrested on Interstate 90.

Justin Krumbah = 50
Interstate 90 = 50

And yesterday’s police commander Chris Lee has been replaced by commander Jon Schwarder in this story, as he allegedly arrested Aaron Kelly.

Jon Schwarder = 57
Aaron Kelly = 57

And for the killing of Krumbah, Jon Schwarder said the bail for Kelly was set to $1 million.

$1 million = 43 (one million bail for…)
Masonic = 43 (the masonic…)
Killing = 43 (killing of…)
Krumbah = 43 (Krumbah)

You still think this happened, that it’s all just coincidences? Well, in that case you just failed the IQ-test. Back to sleep little sheep.

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