Sao Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas dies of cancer at 41

All by the numbers, but it’s only a coincidence, right?

Bruno died on May 16, 2021 = 5+16+20+21 = 62
His full name “Bruno Covas Lopes“: 62
Sacrifice: 62
Ritual: 62
Jesuit Order: 62 (Jew Red)
Mason: 62

He died 39 days after his birthday, or his 40th day of his age, and he died on 16/5, like 165.
Masonry: 39
Jesuits: 39 (Septenary)
Freemasonry: 39 (Septenary)
Scottish Rite: 165

He died on the 40th day of his age.
Bruno Covas: 40
Brazi: 40
Order 322: 40

May 16, 2021 can also be written as 5+16+2+3 = 26
Cancer: 26

He died 46 weeks before his upcoming birthday.
Sacrifice: 46

He died on the 136th day of the year (136 is the 16th triangular number – as in May 16.) There are 136 verses in the Bible with sum. He was the 53rd mayor of Sao Paulo. He is now succeeded by ‘Ricardo Nunes‘, who is currently 53 years old. 53 is the 16th prime – as in May 16.
He died 26 weeks after Ricardo Nunes‘ birthday.
Cancer: 26
Nunes: 26

He died a span of 6 months and 4 days after Ricardo Nunes‘ birthday.
Kill: 64
Catholic Church: 64 (Jew Red)
Order 322: 64 (Jew Ord)

He died 25 weeks before Ricardo Nunes‘ upcoming birthday.
Bruno: 25
Death: 25
Vatican: 25

He died at the age of 41. (41 is the 13th prime.)
Bruno Covas: 13(0)
Human Sacrifice: 13(0)
Rosicrucian: 13(0)
Freemasonry: 13(0) (Jew Ord)
Skull and Bones: 41
Jesuits: 41

Sao Paulo Mayor: 179, which is the 41st prime
He died in ‘Sao Paulo‘, which sits on the 46th meridian west.
Sacrifice: 46
May 16: 46

He died 37 months after taking office
Cancer: 37
Order 322: 37

He was hospitalized on 5/2, exactly 2 weeks before his death.
Death: 2(0)

He died 14 days after being hospitalized
Bruno Covas: 14(0)

In some of the news stories, they show Bruno Covas with a face mask.
Bruno Covas: 140
Slave Mask: 140

His death was obviously a ritualistic sacrifice, the price to pay for rising to the top and being in power. The cancer was only a cover that fit within the numerology for the planned day of his death.
Now please, tell me again about your ‘coincidence theory’…

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