The Foreshadowed Staged Assassination of Trump Coming Soon?

I’ve mentioned the theories around the possibility of a staged fake assassination of Donald Trump, most likely by a “head wound,” in some older posts, like this one:

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Now, there was a story on August 29 that was so silly and stupid that it should not have gotten any news coverage unless it was coded for a specific reason. The story featured a Nebraska man, Duane Hansen, who paddled ‘38’ miles down the Missouri River in a ‘846’-pound pumpkin. You know, an orange pumpkin just like the orange Freemasonic 33-man in Donald Trump – and 38 is the killing and murder number, and 846 is linked to the Tribulation, The Fallen Angels, and the death of Trump.

Tribulation = 846
The Fallen Angles = 846
Trump Killed = 846
Trump Dead = 846
Killing = 38
Murder = 38
Death = 38

My friend and fellow decoder Joseph Acquaviva picked up on this, as he also has covered the hidden messages of a Trump assassination in several of his decodes. Take a look and decide for yourselves. No matter what you take from it, that silly story is extremely coded and full of Jesuit and Freemasonic dirty little fingerprints. And if it happens, you know it was planned a long time ago and that it is part of their playbook for the theatre on the world stage.

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