September 6, 2020. Training Update – and a look back.

Time for an update for the gymrats. In late July I hit 80 kg. Then I cut back and stabilized around 78 kg. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would try and reach 85 kg after completing a 3-day fast to ‘reset’ the system. Well, I haven’t really gained that much weight at all. In my last update on August 25, a week after the fast, I had gained back 2.5 kg. At that point I was at 76.6 kg. Well, today on September 6, I’m at 77.2 kg. With that being said – I’m a lot leaner. Probably 3 kg less fat than when I was at 78 kg.

And although I’ve been eating just about the same amount of food as I did before the fast to reach 80 kg, I’m now getting leaner while slowly putting on quality weight – i.e. muscle mass only. And in my book, that is better than ‘ballooning’ up to 85 kg and being a bit puffy. Being animal-based, everything about body composition is easier – with one exception – gaining weight fast, since that requires a shit-load of calories, which is impossible to get from only consuming nutrient-dense bioavailable foods. But seriously, who cares? Gaining weight rapidly by eating a ton of crap is extremely unhealthy. That’s a lot of toxins your body will have to deal with, and not to mention the taxing effects of rapid body weight gain. I’m happy I’m still gaining muscle – and that I’m getting leaner or are staying at about the same body fat level.
I’m almost at the level I was in 2016, which was my original goal, so I’m happy.

My current goal is now to get a little bit better every week. A little stronger in a lift, a small change in body composition, or whatever. As my brain injury is healing, I’m all into planning for the future. Businesses and products that I want to start up when I’m ready. Books and educational material I want to write and work on. Some seminars and public speaking. So much fun things to do – but I need to hold myself back. Taking it slowly. And my training in the gym helps with that.

The crappy photo is from a few days back after a press-dominant workout (that is why my front delts are a bit pumped). In that workout I ramped up seated bench presses to a 6 rep at 180 kg (five sets total with increasing weights). Then I did a drop set, getting 7 reps for each drop, going at 170 kg, 150 kg, 130 kg, 110 kg, 90 kg, 70 kg, and repping out at measly 50 kg (only got 13 reps, lol). That’s seven sets in one. After that I did 3 drop sets with cable flyes from three different angles – and that was it for chest. Done in less than 15 minutes. Did the same with shoulder presses and side-delt laterals. This keeps my workouts under 35 minutes, but give me more stimulus than what most people gets from spending 2 hours at the gym.

As a contrast, this was me when I was at my worst with organs failing and two tumors growing (December 27, 2017). I was on a mixed diet with some plant foods (vegetables), which is very nutrient deficient and toxic.

And this was me in March 2018, one month after going full animal-based and starting to heal. No training whatsoever, just gaining back some weight from eating bioavailable nutrient-dense foods. That’s where my healing started.
The human body is amazing and capable of just about anything – as long as you provide all essential nutrients in bioavailable form. And that is only possible by consuming animal foods; organs, meat and dairy.

And this was me in 2016, the physique goal I aimed to get back to this year.

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