Leaving Facebook?

I see a lot of ‘truthers’ and ‘diet-woke’ people talking about leaving Facebook. Sure, it’s a heavily censored platform with fascist pigs calling themselves “fact checkers” hiding truths and semi-truths while promoting lies and propaganda. However, most people are on Facebook; the ones slowly waking up, the ones we need to reach and help.
Other platforms are miniscule in comparison, and they are ALL controlled, simply used to gather information just as Facebook (and they will slowly get more and more controlled.) So, if you quit Facebook and only post on small platforms or in your own little Telegram channels, who are you posting for? Other truthers and semi-woke people, that’s who — and not the ones we need to wake up. I will therefore remain on Facebook until most people are gone, or I’ve been banned and thrown out.     
Most likely the latter will happen way before the other.

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