Non-Linear Diet

Stubborn Body Fat

Yesterday, the T-Nation staff published an anonymous article about “stubborn body fat” due to what they call “insulin insensitivity.” And as usual with these bro-science and pseudo-science-based fitness-websites, they almost got a few things right — but as always, they got most of it wrong. Let’s see what they had to say on this subject. They introduce their “article of solutions” by explaining that it is easy for a guy to go from 25% […]

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Fasting Works Best for Fat Loss

As for some causal Sunday reading, we return to T-Nation and a new article by Chris Shugart based on a failed study where researchers looked at three idiotic strategies for fat loss. Chris Shugart summarized the study by asking three questions as to how to approach fat loss. These three questions were: Well, all three approaches are idiotic. The most common one in the fitness industry is simply somewhere between 1 and 2 combined

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Non-Linear Diet for ‘Lifters’ (What We Actually Did in the Past)

Welcome back to a little article review. This time we’re going back to T-Nation and an article from Chris Shugart, their ‘chief content officer.’ The article is called ‘The Non-Linear Diet for Lifters’ and is a take on the semi-recent study of ‘Intermittent Energy Restriction’ by Bill I. Campbell et al. from 2020. Chris begins his article by setting the stage by claiming that losing weight is easy, as it’s ‘basic calorie math’ and

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