Maximum Muscle Guide 2016


Still one of the best books on gaining muscle mass available!
A complete 12-week guide with a 4-week introduction program. Fully explained – a training program guide and educational book in one.
The training programs are based on Joachim’s field studies during 2011 to 2013 with more than 200 participants and on his work with clients, including the Talent Hunt Project, since the release of the original Maximum Muscle Guide in 2009.

  • Special introduction for the beginner and the value of body weight training (Calisthenics.)
  • Muscle growth and the foundation of weight training.
  • Training effort and my training philosophy explained.
  • A few words on nutrition and proper training nutrition.
  • Training methods such as cluster sets, slow eccentrics, rest-pause, occlusion training, and peak contraction explained.
  • 4-week introduction program for rapid muscle- and strength gains.
  • 12-week training program in three phases/mesocycles.
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