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Help me to develop and launch my biggest and coolest book thus far – The Body Transformation Guide II!
It will be fully individualized and flexible. It will be easy to follow and it will guide and teach you along the way. It will be so much more than a guide to improve your body composition. It will have chapters on motivation, stress management, sleep efficiency, cooking, health, and longevity.

The Body Transformation Guide II


As a backer, you will also have the opportunity to influence the contents and development of The Body Transformation Guide II. By asking questions on Kickstarter or by making an appeal on a topic, I will include it in the book if it is appropriate and delivers additional value.

In other words, don’t be shy! Join me on this amazing journey!

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New Book and Christmas Specials!

Classic Muscle Newsletter Volume 1
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New book released!

Classic Muscle Newsletter Volume 1 contains the 42 most popular articles from Joachim Bartoll’s independent an uncensored online publication Classic Muscle Newsletter, hand-picked from the time period of 2015 to late 2016. This collection of 180 pages cover a wide selection of subjects including Fat Loss and Body Composition, Diet and Nutrition, Food and Sports Supplements, Health and Longevity, and Resistance Training.

We also have a Christmas Special with up to 34 % off retail price! This is an excellent opportunity to expand you tool box and/or give a good friend the perfect Christmas gift!


Let’s make 2017 the best year yet!


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Jul-rea på e-böcker!

Smygstart inför julen! Passa på att komplettera din samling och utöka ditt kunskapsbibliotek!

Maximum Muscle Guide 2016, Volume 1Maximum Muscle Guide 2016, Volume 1
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Utöka ditt kunskapsbibliotek eller passa på att ge bort en e-bok till en kär vän eller familjemedlem!

Om du vill handla med svensk valuta och använda Svenskbaserade Payson som betalningssystem, vänligen besök

Föredrar du USD och Paypal, besök vår webbshop på denna sajt.


Ja, tack! Jag vill julfynda!


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Limited Special Offer at Classic Muscle Newsletter! Get 50 % off!

Classic Muscle Newsletter - Independent and Uncensored Newsletter Classic Muscle Newsletter – Independent and Uncensored.

If you want the best clutter-free and cutting-edge information on training, health, longevity and nutrition available – there’s no other place than Classic Muscle Newsletter!
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Subscriptions start as low as $2.49 USD for the first month!*

Classic Muscle Newsletter is all about delivering specific facts and information, without annoying dumbed-down stories and attention-stealing advertisements. It’s a monthly uncensored and independent newsletter in digital form. Every month, we publish 5 to 6 information packed articles – equal to roughly 20 pages of printed text, covering subjects such as nutrition, weight training, fat loss, sports performance, research, health, longevity, and building the body of your dreams! While there is one issue every month, we publish new material about once every other week.

Classic Muscle Newsletter is my own monthly publication where I have free reins to tell the truth, backed by research and +25 years of experience actually working with real people and athletes (both totally naturals and some drug users). Hopefully Classic Muscle Newsletter will be your […]

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Important News: The Wind of Change

Hello everyone!

Me and my wolfie.Me and my wolfie.

You might have noticed that my activity on social media has been somewhat erratic during the last 3 months. If you’ve followed my diet experiment, and if you subscribe to my Classic Muscle Newsletter, you know that my kidneys have been inflamed – which was the main reason for the experiment (to improve health markers while getting down to a very low body fat percentage). And yes, it did improve the health of my kidneys and my test results are almost back to normal levels.

At the same time I started the experiment I also received a big blow to my current living situation. Since 2012, I’ve been renting an apartment in a really good neighborhood here in Gothenburg. At the end of May, I found out that the couple I’ve been leasing it from have been renting it to me illegally. In our contract, they wrote that they owned the apartment. This proved to be wrong. The apartment was rented and they did not have an approval to lease it to another tenant – their permit had actually been revoked in 2011.
They had also added 2000 SEK ($240 USD) to the original rent, which is highly illegal in Sweden […]

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