Blood Clots; Dry Fasting Update

Around September 5, I noticed a small redness and some minor itchy-like pain in my lower leg, which as you know turned out to be a small blood clot due to my earlier battle with tumors, being diabetic for a few years, and my congenital sensitivity for PAI-1(PAI-1 form blood clots by blocking the enzyme that keep your blood in a fluid-like state.) So, after preparing with increasing my intake of saturated fats, cholesterol, […]

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Swollen lymph nodes after a vaccine booster

The article claims the following: “Some people who recently got a booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine are noticing swollen lymph nodes.Don’t panic, doctors say. Swollen lymph nodes caused by vaccination are temporary, harmless and a sign that the vaccine is working.” Then they go on and blatantly lie: “After a vaccine shot to the arm, lymph nodes in the armpit area can sometimes swell as the immune system is activated and builds an army

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