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Partial Sleep Deprivation and its Effects on Health

Again, we return to T-Nation and one of their latest short and hidden ‘advertisement articles.’ They’ve really been pumping these out lately, with the basic principle of some little “problem” found in some study and then a backwards solution that leads the uninformed reader to buy their supplements. While the latter is complete bollocks, some of the research data can be of interest, at least if interpreted correctly, and that is where yours truly […]

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Testosterone and Sexual Abstinence

Today we return to T-Nation and an article on ‘Testosterone and Sexual Abstinence’ that they pretty much got right, well, except for the lame supplement crap they try to pull every single time. Still, this is almost worthy of celebration. So, let’s see what they had to say, and I’ll fill you in as we go along. “Believe it or not, thousands of young men avoid masturbation (and even sex with real-life women) because

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Stress. What is it? How does it affect us?

Many years ago, Holistic Health Practitioner, Elite Athlete Coach and corrective exercise specialist Paul Chek identified six types of stressors that harm our body. While I do agree with the types, my definitions, after years of research, goes a bit deeper as I studied the Terrain Theory and the work of Antoine Béchamp, Claude Bernard, Rudolph Virchow, Ethel Douglas Hume, Roy Rife, Gaston Naessens, Gunter Enderlein, Stefan Lanka, Dr Carolyn Dean, and Robert &

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