Simple Food Ranking for Humans

While I do touch on nutrient density and toxicity of different ‘edibles’ in my coaching nutrition guides, the ‘ranking’ of food is one of the most common questions I receive on social media and also in my consulting sessions.It’s typical human programming to want a list and thus being able to “get away” with some bad choices as long as you stick with the good ones most of the time. And sure, it can […]

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Rice is Toxic Slave Food

If you’re new to me and my website, I worked daily in the Fitness-, Bodybuilding-, Gym-, and Competitive Sports industry for almost 22-years with nutrition, supplementation, and training — and was involved in it for a total of more than 26 years. Most of that time, I too was trapped in the pseudo-science of “nutrition science” and was fooled by the synthetic toxic crap of the pharmaceutical and supplement industry. My outlook and understanding

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