Red-Light Therapy, is it Beneficial?

The pharmaceutical and medical shill-website ‘Medical News Today’ recently posted an article about red-light therapy and its effects on blood sugar levels. While it’s worrisome that the evil medical industry pushes something like ‘red-light therapy,’ it’s mainly because it’s another way to treat symptoms and making tons of money while doing nothing about the real cause of the problem. Let’s see what they have to say before I give you my view on it. […]

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Plants Will Kill You! And the Fallacy of Vegetable and Fruit Powders

On January 16, 2024, TC Luoma announced that, as for a few months back, he no longer was employed by any supplement company, as in Biotest/T-Nation, and that he now is on Substack only. However, T-Nation are still publishing what seems to be a backlog of his articles, and the latest article, as of January 17, was yet another push for the extremely toxic and dangerous polyphenols.On January 5, 2024, I covered the juvenile

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Know Your Poison: Deuterium

So far, we’ve dealt with two of more than a dozen antinutrients and defense chemicals found in plant ‘foods’ that we will cover in this article series. Next on the list is deuterium, a compound that most dieticians, nutritionists, doctors and clueless trainers don’t even know exists. Hydrogen comes in two “shapes”: we have regular hydrogen, which is actually called protium, and then we have deuterium. Deuterium has the same properties as hydrogen, except

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