Cyclic Dextrin is Toxic Crap

The supplement-shills over at the “fitness website” T Nation continues with their disguised advertisement articles based on flawed science and backwards thinking. This time it is (once again,) their CCO Chris Shugart, who obviously knows absolutely nothing about human physiology, pushing Cyclic Dextrin also referred to as Highly Branched Cluster Dextrin (HBCD,) a type of high-molecular-weight maltodextrin. Now, HBCD is nothing new, it’s been around for a long time. It’s simply a dextrin, produced […]

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Any Amount of Sugar (Carbs) is Too Much!

A few days back, we discussed some of the controlled opposition and shill health sites over at our uncensored community forum It started with “Dr. Mercola” and then I added “Dr. Axe” to the mix – and that’s where we’re going today, as Dr. Axe and his crew posted an article about sugar, simply titled, “How Much Sugar Per Day Is Too Much?” Well, that’s easy to answer as all types of carbohydrates

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Red-Light Therapy, is it Beneficial?

The pharmaceutical and medical shill-website ‘Medical News Today’ recently posted an article about red-light therapy and its effects on blood sugar levels. While it’s worrisome that the evil medical industry pushes something like ‘red-light therapy,’ it’s mainly because it’s another way to treat symptoms and making tons of money while doing nothing about the real cause of the problem. Let’s see what they have to say before I give you my view on it.

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Dr. Eric Berg: Healthy Keto vs. Dirty Keto

Muscle & Fitness recently published a Keto-based article based on an interview with Dr. Eric Berg. And while Dr. Berg might seem ‘controversial’ and ‘censored’ on YouTube in the eyes of the sleeping general public, he’s still somewhat trapped in the pseudoscience and ideology of nutrition. So, let’s see what Muscle & Fitness and Dr. Eric Berg has to say about the Ketogenic Diet and the multiple versions of it. The article’s preamble paints

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Zero Reasons to Consume Toxic Carbohydrates

The Food Industry-, Big Pharma-, and government shill-site Healthline recently published another propaganda article, trying their best to reinforce the programming and the false “science” of carbohydrates and plant-based slave foods. As you should know, humans are obligate hyper carnivores, which means that our physiology is built and meant for consuming only the flesh and fat of animals, including some of the produce by animals, such as eggs and raw milk.This also means that

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Non-Linear Diet for ‘Lifters’ (What We Actually Did in the Past)

Welcome back to a little article review. This time we’re going back to T-Nation and an article from Chris Shugart, their ‘chief content officer.’ The article is called ‘The Non-Linear Diet for Lifters’ and is a take on the semi-recent study of ‘Intermittent Energy Restriction’ by Bill I. Campbell et al. from 2020. Chris begins his article by setting the stage by claiming that losing weight is easy, as it’s ‘basic calorie math’ and

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No! You Should Not ‘Eat’ Carbs Ever!

This will be a short and simple review of an article published at ‘,’ a website that claim to be “an award-winning resource for reliable and up-to-date information on all nutrition and exercise topics.” Yeah, sure. The article in question is called “Should I Eat Carbs After My Workout?” and is written by Sarah Garone, a freelance “health and wellness” writer who runs a food blog. Wow, such credentials. Well, I’ve worked roughly 30

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Dry Fasting – The Best way to Fast? Part 2 of 2

In the first part we looked at the differences between a ‘water fast’ and a ‘dry fast,’ and we also looked at autophagy and metabolic pathways. In this part we will continue with going deeper into the body’s ability to manufacture its own endogenous metabolic water and also look at detoxification and how it works. The first part: Body fat turned into water Water makes up 10% of the contents in fat cells while

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