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Israel-Hamas Psy-Op Date-Numerology Decoded

If you read my first article on the staged war between Hamas and Israel, two wings of the same bird pretending to fight each other, I explained that the coded ritualistic side of the psy-op was tied to their ongoing script of the Book of Revelation, that of the Antichrist – and that you have two versions, as in two opposites, playing out at the same time – the way they always do it. …

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Israel-Hamas, Modern Mind Warfare III

The mainstream media is already comparing the staged and fake war in Israel with previous staged and fake psy-ops like Pearl Harbor and 9/11. It’s part of their game, the revelation of the method, and their coded messages. They have to update the programming for each generation. It’s the same mind-control program they used for hundreds of years, just a different script. For a bit of the background about this Biblical fake war, please …

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