The Israel-Hamas War Psy-Op

As many decoders have said, this was expected, and especially on October 7, as in 10/7, or 107. However, there’s still a lot of people who think that this is totally and fully real, that the (CIA and Saudi/Jesuit sponsored) “terrorist group” Hamas actually did a “surprise attack” on Israel. No. Hamas, and the alleged sponsor Iran, are only the boogeymen for mainstream media within this region of the world stage. It’s all Biblical, …

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Man-Made 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Morocco

On Friday night, September 8, on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death and the alleged birthday of Virgin/Saint Mary (celebrated by the Catholic Church/the Jesuit Order,) a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco – the first recorded earthquake above magnitude 6 in north Africa in more than 100 years.Also, historically, we have the ‘Battle of Cadiz’ in 1587, where Philip II of Spain tried to invade England to restore Catholicism, and Elizabeth I ordered a …

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