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I’m currently writing on an article about dry fasting and its benefits. It will be up later today or tomorrow. In the mainwhile, make sure to sign up for our uncensored truther community. Below are a few gleanings from the past week and the most popular posts at our Uncensored Community Ungovernable.

  • More on the Psy-OP “Watch the Water” and the lies about snake venom being ‘convid-1984’
  • The Truth about viruses with Dr. Sam Baily and others
  • Discussions and tips on affordable carnivore foods — our species appropriate diet
  • More on Cristiano Ronaldo’s child sacrifice ritual
  • Taking apart the Psy-Op of the Tychos Model with a ball earth and a stationary sun
  • Supply chain issues could lead to ‘limited supply’ of red meat, our most important food
  • Amazon going the 666-route, scanning the palm of your hand
  • The Shill and Dis-information ‘Far-right’ InfoWars website files for bankruptcy protection
  • More on losing body fat, on fasting and dry fasting
  • More on the Pre-Planned and Scripted Riots in Sweden
  • They’re trying to re-launch the ‘bird flu,’ which never existed, and thus killing a lot of poultry for no reason
  • Common law discussed
  • More on Children’s satanic TV programs
  • More on the dangers of ‘5G’ LED-lamps
  • Anti-aging and consuming liver, best practices
  • How Elvis Got Americans to Accept the Polio Vaccine
  • Discussion on coffee and caffeine
  • Doctor-Assisted Death For People Who Are Mentally Ill (2023, Canada)

And, much, much more! Ungovernable is the best online community for intelligent, woke, and freethinking people to network, share and discuss any topic without censorship and bleating sheep posting what the tell-a-lie-vision told them. Join us today!

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