Application for Simple Carnivore Transition Package

This application form will provide the basic information I need to personalize your program and guide. Once payment has been received, I will mail or direct-message additional information and, if needed, some follow-up questions to customize your plans further.
Please answer all questions as accurate and concise as possible.

Do you regularly lift weights? If so, how often and for how long?
If, so please write a brief review of what you do on a weekly basis.
Have you exercised or done sports in the past? What and how long ago?
Do you have children, pets or anything that take time and energy?
Describe your working hours and if you can bring food and/or when you normally eat your meals during work.
How physical is your job, how physical are you during the rest of the day (besides from exercise.)
Are you aware of any foods that you are particularly sensitive to (i.e., which causes bloating, stuffiness, congestion, gas etc.)?
Are you currently taking any health- nutrition- or sports-supplements, stimulants or fat burners?
Have you tried to lose body fat within the last 2 to 3 years? If so, describe the method and your experience in 200 words or less.
How many meals and snacks do you have in a day on average?
What kind of foods do you typically consume over the span of a week?
Aside from learning how to adopt and tweak our species-appropriate diet to feel better, have more energy, and live longer, is there anything else you’re looking for, as in healing injuries, treating diseases, etc?
The username or link to your profile (or email, if you prefer.) I will add you and open up our support chat that way.
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