More Appetite Suppressant Nonsense: Oatzempic Challenge

The growing stupidity of the human race never disappoints. Recently, the government- and Big Pharma shills at Healthline published an article reviewing the “Oatzempic Challenge,” something that allegedly went viral among retarded users of CIA’s “Chinese” spy platform known as TikTok, mostly used by gullible teenagers and young adults still wearing diapers. Here’s the summary by Healthline to get us going: In other words, we had a little Freemasonic CIA plant pretending to be […]

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Know Your Poison: Lectins

Plants, unlike animals, cannot run away from predators. To defend themselves from herbivores, insects, fungi and other threats, they produce toxic defense chemicals. One of them is known as lectins. Lectins are a plant defense mechanism that mainly protect the seeds, but can be found in other parts of the plant as well. As with anything living, the highest priority of the entity is reproduction. Therefore, seeds tend to have a higher concentration of

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