The 10-Day Diet Plan – Just Throw it in the Bin

It’s time to return to T-Nation and their diet-obsessed ‘Chief Content Officer’ Chris Shugart. After making a mess of several studies on protein, he how turned his eyes to a ridiculous “10-day diet” for ‘weight-lifting women.’ The article opens with a summary of the study and why it might not be a great idea, which he for once is correct about. “Want to lose 3 pounds of fat in only ten days? There’s a …

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Periodization Made Easy

Periodization simply means that you divide the year into different phases. These phases are then planned in a way that you reach your peak performance at a specific time – such as the start of a season, a competition or a physical test. In the majority of cases we talk about five levels of planning, although there can be a sixth one (the Olympic cycle). The levels are: The Yearly CycleAll levels of planning …

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Nutrition Outlet Grand Prix 2002

Competition coverage from the multiple Brand Prix Bodybuilding competition held in Stockholm and Strömstad, spanning the weekend of April 13 and 14, 2002. This time Janna Lennerup helped with taking photos as I covered the two competitions with a newly fractured upper arm. This coverage was published in our May issue of the Swedish Edition of Ironman Magazine.

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