Stress. What is it? How does it affect us?

Many years ago, Holistic Health Practitioner, Elite Athlete Coach and corrective exercise specialist Paul Chek identified six types of stressors that harm our body. While I do agree with the types, my definitions, after years of research, goes a bit deeper as I studied the Terrain Theory and the work of Antoine Béchamp, Claude Bernard, Rudolph Virchow, Ethel Douglas Hume, Roy Rife, Gaston Naessens, Gunter Enderlein, Stefan Lanka, Dr Carolyn Dean, and Robert & […]

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Don’t waste energy when you “warm-up”

I know that I’ve been beating this old dead horse for more than 10 years now, but since I still see people doing a “warm-up” routine, it obviously needs repeating. When you enter the gym, you want to activate and potentiate your central nervous system (CNS). An effective and activated CNS, simply means better muscle fiber recruitment, better coordination and more gains in both strength and muscle mass. You also want to reserve as

Don’t waste energy when you “warm-up” Read the Full Article »

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