Simple ways to make the chest dip awesome

In Sweden, we have a discipline called Athletic Fitness, dating back to 1994. You compete in a physique-round followed by a strength-round and finally an endurance-round. In the strength-round you have to do as many repetitions you can in the pull-up and the dip.In the dip, you need to go deep as a frikkin’ clown, with shoulders way below 90 degrees with your biceps touching you forearms. Idiotic, yes.Now, in training, this is never …

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An easy way to structure Metabolic Conditioning Work

In 9 out of 10 times, your strength training workout should be programmed for increasing your strength and/or muscle mass, even when you’re on a diet. Lifting heavy with building muscle in mind is what built your physique and it is what will keep your muscle mass from withering away during a diet. With that said, there are ways to still be lifting weights and simultaneously burn a ton of fat. Doing some metabolic …

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Periodization Made Easy

Periodization simply means that you divide the year into different phases. These phases are then planned in a way that you reach your peak performance at a specific time – such as the start of a season, a competition or a physical test. In the majority of cases we talk about five levels of planning, although there can be a sixth one (the Olympic cycle). The levels are: The Yearly CycleAll levels of planning …

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Our addiction culture – why praise might be holding you back

Acceptance, followed and surpassed only by praise, are two of the most addictive and potentially destructive ‘drugs’ around. The great majority of us are already under their spell – just look at social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and the continuous hunt for likes, comments, praise and acceptance. As the old saying goes, “praise is something children cry for and grown people die for.” Of course, there’s nothing wrong with giving or …

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Don’t waste energy when you “warm-up”

I know that I’ve been beating this old dead horse for more than 10 years now, but since I still see people doing a “warm-up” routine, it obviously needs repeating. When you enter the gym, you want to activate and potentiate your central nervous system (CNS). An effective and activated CNS, simply means better muscle fiber recruitment, better coordination and more gains in both strength and muscle mass. You also want to reserve as …

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Kardio Suger

Cardio sucks! Why cardiovascular exercise is worthless for fat loss. One of my most popular and copied articles from 2006. It was written during the autumn and published in the December 2006 issue of the Swedish Bodybuilding magazine BODY. I wrote for BODY Magazine during 2006 to 2011.

Nutrition Outlet Grand Prix 2002

Competition coverage from the multiple Brand Prix Bodybuilding competition held in Stockholm and Strömstad, spanning the weekend of April 13 and 14, 2002. This time Janna Lennerup helped with taking photos as I covered the two competitions with a newly fractured upper arm. This coverage was published in our May issue of the Swedish Edition of Ironman Magazine.

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